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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelly View Post
    Conquest will be turned into Honor @ 4.2 just as Valor and Justice.
    Not to mention Conquest can't be turned into Valor anyway
    its strange how vp can be turned in to CP but not the other way naround isnt it?

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    378 Relic Melee Relic Doomflame Fetish 1,250 VP

    I assume this is a typo and that it's really 700VP like the other relics? Otherwise a melee is ready to rage on the Blizzard forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by homerunhomer View Post
    378 Relic Melee Relic Doomflame Fetish 1,250 VP

    I assume this is a typo and that it's really 700VP like the other relics? Otherwise a melee is ready to rage on the Blizzard forums
    if theres no typo pallys and dks will finaly agree on somthing

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    Any idea when this patch will be on live servers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trollangaems View Post
    Blizzard needs to be consistent with their ranged slot. Since their change, every relic user has enjoyed an easy to get stat stick with a socket, while clothies, warriors, and rogues need to either pray for a lucky drop or if available buy the wand/thrown from the vendor with stats equal to a relic MINUS the socket. At this point we're essentially missing out on 40 to 67 points in a primary stat.

    No blizz the 1000 dps on wands doesn't make up for the lack of a socket.
    You misunderstand how class balancing is being done, or ignore it. Class dps (or healing or whatever) is balanced on how the classes actually work, not on some weird "this is the dps they would have if they had better gear than exists". Yes, some classes maybe get 40-67 points less in a primary stat, but those classes are balanced around the dps they do without those 40-67 points. Basically, you get 40-67 less stats, but one of your main spells get to do 0.5% (or whatever the number is) more damage than it would have without those 40-67 points. If they added those 40-57 more stats to the classes you mention, they would also have to nerf them some other way to compensate.

    The whole point of "balancing" is to allow different classes to be at least somewhat different, yet in the end be equal. They don't have to be identical to be equal.

    There is too much homogenization as it is. Let different classes be different (while still balanced).

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiIdi View Post
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Anti Ninja Loot System
    If only tanks can roll on tank gear, then it becomes really hard for anyone else to build up the gear they need to be able to tank.
    Tanks rolling on dps gear makes it harder for dps to gear up and dps rolling on tank gear makes it harder for tanks to gear up.

    Lets say you kill a raid boss and a tank item drops, who deserves it more? The mage, the rogue, the other dps or the tank?

    Thats why only tanks should be allowed to roll on tank gear and dps on dps gear, if the tank hits greed/disenchant/pass, then and only then would the need button unlock for the other plate-wearing dpsers.
    Be careful what you wish for. My DK tank is 12/12 experience and has 359 tank gear all around. I'm filling in holes in my dps gear. I can queue as tank, roll on a plate dps piece that I need, and provide a smooth ZG/ZA run for the group.... or I can not queue. What I'm not going to do is spend 30 minutes in a queue right now for an offspec - especially when the system needs tanks. With all the complaining that dps does about queue times, I'd think you'd be ok rolling fair and square against someone else.

    Comparing raid kills & loot to 5man kills and loot is an apples to oranges comparison.

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    MAy have already been brought up, but is the VP amount for Doomflame Fetish supposed to be 700 like the other Relic/Ranged gear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon-sub View Post
    "Old" rare/Justice Points gear is still for sale at the same price.
    That explains everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodfire View Post
    That explains everything.
    I don't know what they will do in the end, but if everybody know the costs were going down, they would stop buying gear, and maybe even stop heroics once they are capped for justice points... maybe it would not be a smart move until we know the release date.

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    i kinda think they should still give valor from the current heroic raids aswell i understand them takeing it from reg.

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    funny how the fight is exactly how I imagined it when I read the abilities

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    If even Blizzard acknowledges ninjaing as, well, ninjaing, why do they develop a system that facilitates it and almost requires it to gear up? It is entirely possible to tank in dps gear or gear up with offspec roles (as tanks can gear up very quickly) so the only presented argument shows a complete lack of understanding of not only how LFD works to gear up more needed roles more quickly but also of laughable gearing requirements for any normals. This is a slap in the face to players that actually try to show some respect with looting and wanted other's to do so as well. The only thing I can think is that more paying customers are interested in ninjaing... but that isn't exactly sustainable.

    I wish Blizzard, or Activison, or whoever would consider what kind of players that are catering to and the long term impacts on the game and the community of, for example, supporting ninja looting, removing vote kick privilege from many players, removing the necessity of basic understanding of game mechanics to receive current tier gear (normal mode), and otherwise completely removing performance incentives from any part of the game other than hardmode raiding (I think, I don't raid hardmodes) or high end pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakonblayde View Post
    They addressed this before Cata came out. VP will convert to JP, if this puts you above the cap, it all converts, but you won't gain anymore until it falls below the cap again.
    Don't count on it - I copied my JP capped toon to the PTR and all of my extra VP that got converted down were gone....still had 4k JP. It looks like they are going to be converted to gold - the cap is a hard cap not a temp soft cap like when they did the original badge-->points conversion.

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    have they changed the models of the new vp items? Cus last time i was on ptr it had the t11 model ones..... or are they planing to reuse the old ones?

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    Yes it is black and white situation in rolls considering specs. If you come as a tank, then you come as a tank. What non black and white is in that? Nothing. It is all totally and only either black (you came as a tank) or white (you didn't come as a tank).

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    I'm sorry but...this thread is full of dumb. I have two very well geared tanks who I would like to dps on, I have to farm heroics to get that gear quickly. Why should I not be able to roll need on dps gear when that's what I'm there for? What then? I shouldn't queue as tank? Even though I am a god damn spectacular tank? I should just queue as dps and then get people trolling me because of my low dps because I don't have gear? Or I should have to spend my hard earned gold on the auction house and buy some dps gear or something?

    What if I rolled a druid tank? What would happen then? Would I be unable to need roll on gear I need until the rogues and kitty druids and hunters/enhance shamans passed on the stuff?

    If you honestly think people should be disallowed from rolling on gear their class can use because of their spec you are a very stupid person to say the least.

    I mean come on let me get this straight, (pretty sure this is accurate but I want to get a confirmation on this) this is all happening because some whiny faggot piece of shit retard dickhole dps that can't think his way out a of a paper bag would cry about me, the fucking badass tank running heroics to get my dps set going, letting his fail ass have all the tank gear (which he probably would've rolled need on anyways) for free? Oh hell no, fuck that faggot and anyone that sympathizes with him.

    And by the way since there are people who are still unclear on this IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO NINJA LOOT IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Please stop fucking using terms that you do not understand the meaning of. Ninja loot is NOT need rolling on geasr that you can use but isn't for your main spec. Ninja loot is being a master looter and promising that loot rules will be a certain way and then deciding to gear up your friend instead when that piece of gear you were after drops. That is ninja loot. Blizzard refers to this as LOOT SCAMMING and it is a bannable offense. Need rolling on gear for your off spec in a fair need before green loot system is perfectly fine and if you don't like it you need to get friends and have them run with you.

    You do not get dibs on gear. Gear does not belong to you. You are just another person in the group. You should stop being so god damn selfish if you think you deserve to have loot handed to you just for choosing a specific role (which you might in fact be terrible at). If you wish to change it so you can have dibs on gear get your friends to run heroics with you. End of discussion.
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    I'd like to know what happens to the shoulders and head from tier11...will they still need those tokens or will they be available for everyone to fulfill their pieces?

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    I herpaderp b4 i Derpaherp

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Need roll makes items soulbound in Patch 4.2
    Ok, while I do agree with this to a degree, what if no-one wants/needs a BoE and people are just clicking need to use on alts? Does that mean if someone is too quick to hit need then the rest of the group suffer? If peope are really that worried about a bit of gear being needed on then go in a guild/friend run. After all this is meant to be a social game. Make friends and group with them!

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    CAP wtf do we want caps for it's so ridiculous - if I want to farm let me - it's the way I play.

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