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    Cant wait for 4.2

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    Agreed the Ragy fight was not to impressive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky Mclachlan View Post
    I have two very well geared tanks who I would like to dps on, I have to farm heroics to get that gear quickly. Why should I not be able to roll need on dps gear when that's what I'm there for? What then? I shouldn't queue as tank? Even though I am a god damn spectacular tank? I should just queue as dps and then get people trolling me because of my low dps because I don't have gear?
    If you want to roll on dps gear, queue as dps. Simple as that. That plate dps'er that you want to roll against most likely had to site though a 40 minute queue, just to encounter a dbag rolling outside his/her spec. Meanwhile you are just exploiting your quick queue times as a tank so that you can quickly get dps gear.

    In ZA/ZG I've tanked, melee dps'ed, ranged dps'ed and healed. Each time I roll on the stuff I queued as. Why? Because I'm not a jerk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcis View Post
    What about T12 "purchasing" system? Will it be the same trend as T11 - 3 pieces for VPs and 2 pieces via tokens dropped by end boses or something different?
    Yep the tokens will remain

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    u both are idiots look at him and what locks pet do all fight then ull know why he get so low dps

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