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    [Suggestion] New Hero Class: The Blademaster

    The Blademaster as next hero class.

    Since this is the first time I go into posting on this forums, I can't post any links. But you can search for all my links on Wowiki. I marked all my deleted links like this example: [Mankrik] Just go to Wowwiki and search for this words.
    Please feel free to read this thread on wowwiki about the [Blademaster]:

    My idea for the next hero class is the Blademaster. In this thread I show my thoughts about this possible class, what types of armor, weapons and talent trees could be possible and how it could be explained lorewise.

    I’d like to show some hints that could point to the Blademaster. They are of course subjective but they support my theory.
    There actually are Blademaster ingame;
    [Mankrik] (making his return in the Barrens, and SPOILER in Hyjal),
    -Warrior trainer [Ronakada],
    and as a quite famous example from the lore [Grom Hellscream],
    - Blizzard started to implement things very unique to the Blademaster from Warcraft 3;
    [Thrall] as an example wears these typical orbs around his neck.
    Ronakada wears the famous sashimono (the flag) on his back, as Mankrik does.
    When you do the quest for the Dragonmaw harbour you can choose between a healer and a fighter, the fighter also wears a flag on his back.
    In the same harbour, the orcs wear their shoulder armor only on one side, which is also seen on Blademaster.
    So Blizzard has many opportunities to use ingame stuff for the Blademaster, you could say they first want to see the reaction of the player.

    We all know the lore of WoW is evolving and so they totally could write the Blademaster into the next expansion.
    As example:
    [Lantresor] is known to the Horde and the Alliance which makes him the perfect teacher since he has bonds to both factions. He is a halforc, part orc part draenai. This fact is my argument for the Blademaster also being introduced into the ranks of the Alliance (sad but necessary as hero classes should be playable for both factions.)
    Garrosh could reintroduce the Blademaster as his personal body guard, since he wants to bring back some traditions of the old ways of the orcs. What could better fit into this plan than the elitist fighter.
    The Draenai Blademaster could swear their oath to King Wrynn as do the orcs to Garrosh.
    This is a very important point as already stated, the hero class should be playable for both factions.
    And there is my opinion for the races who could become Blademaster. Although the Death Knight is able to be chosen by all races, the Blademaster would lorewise be able to be played as orc or draenai.
    To define Blizzard's Meaning of "Hero Class":
    “When Blizzard said "Hero Class" they never had any intention of saying a class is more powerful as if you were a hero. It just means a class is more unique in play style. The word hero often seems to confuse players to think the opposite of what Blizzard defined it as.
    "It's also important to keep in mind that even though the death knight is a hero class, that doesn't mean it is more powerful than the other classes, just that it will offer a very different playing experience."
    Quoted from the official Q&A on Death Knights”
    Feel free to look for [hero class]
    The starting experience of the DK in TBC started at level 55 with a max level of 70. The max level of the next expansion expect to being 90 we would have a starting level for the BM of 75 (based on a possible pattern in comparison with TBC). Level 75 would be in Outland and right in Nagrand where our half orc Lantresor is sitting atop of a hill completing the circle. Combining all of the above Blizzard could create an interesting starting area for the Blademaster, using phasing or redesigning a part of Nagrand and introduce the Blademaster into the evolved lore for both factions.

    Speaking of patterns I once read a thread about a possible pattern, so let’s take a look at the expansions.

    The Burning Crusade New races (Bloodelf/ draenei), new class/ race combination. (Horde Paladin/ Alliance Shaman)
    Wrath of the Lich King New hero class Death Knight
    Cataclysm New races (Goblins / Worgen). New class/race combinations
    Next Xpac? New hero class?

    This is not really solid, since we don’t know if this is a pattern and if Blizzard really uses patterns.

    Knowing this we come to my admittedly “interesting” class itself. If you did not read the link about the Blademaster you should go back and do that know. Summarized he is an elite fighting force knowing to fight as a melee. Since the DK is a hybrid, being able to tank and melee the BM is surely going to be a hybrid too. A hybrid you will cry out the question palming your face. Yes, the Blademaster as hybrid. Let me explain:
    First take a look at this:

    Tanks : Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight, Druid 4
    Range: Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Priest, Druid, Shaman 6
    Melee: Druid, Rogue, Shaman, Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight 6
    Heal: Priest, Druid, Shaman, Paladin 4

    You see we have an equal number of range damage dealer, melee damage dealer, tanks and healer.
    What do we need the most in World of Warcraft? Right, we need tanks. Their number is small and Blizzard tries from some members of the community called carrot on a stick to bring tanks into the Dungeon Finger. But this is another story. Admittedly there is no specific need of a tanking class by numbers, since we already have 4. We already have 3 classes wearing plate, making a fourth one not really suggestive. What armor type would be suggestive? Well, in my opinion there are only two options after looking at this:

    Amor: Classes:
    Cloth Mage, Warlock, Priest 3
    Leather Druid, Rogue 2
    Mail Hunter, Shaman 2
    Plate Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight, 3

    As stated, there are 3 plate wearers, leather and mail being the least used by class, and cloth is not a tanking armor type in my opinion. So leather being a possible amor type using the same gear druids do. But also mail could be a nice way, even the uniquer way. There is no special tank leather gear as far as I know, so there is no need creating a special mail gear for tanks. The BM could use the same gear as the Enhancementshaman or the Hunter, making his skill tree benefit from the example of the Druid. As you see I am not really sure which one of the armor types should be used, but my tendancy goes to mail. In Rise Of The Horde, the novel, the author states, that Grom Hellscream is dressed in hard leather. Of course the author worked hand in hand with Blizzard, still, not necessarily that this is standart armor of every Blademaster.
    Being a BM and showing our skill proud by not wearing too much armor the BM possible uses no shield. Making his way of tanking comparable to the DK, using only one and two hand weapons makes it even possible for Blizzard to finally introduce two handed tanking weapons. But it should not be necessary.
    Summarized the BM could be compared to the Druid for his armor (not necessary the type, but the way it works in the skill tree), and the DK for his weapons.

    I wont go into details for a melee tree, because, Warcraft 3 and the way the other melee fighter work speaks for itself. But let’s take a look at the range damage dealer way of the BM. I am pretty sure we all agree that there are fairly enough caster in the game (Mage, Warlock, Shadowpriest, Owldruid, Elemental Shaman) but there is only one class that is really using bows, crossbows and guns. Yes, I am speaking of the Hunters. And by writing this I can hear the screams of the Hunters, how I dare to suggest that. But, Hunters share everything with their beloved pets, so they can surely share their weapons with the BM. When I remember my first time playing a Hunter I still remember the moment I lost interest in this class. It was at level 10 when the Hunter started to fight with his companion pet. I don’ t want to say that the way the Hunter is played is a bad one, I just want to say I don’t like that way. So the BM could be the class fighting with bows, xbows and guns like the Hunter, but he does not have a companion. One of my guild mates stated this reminds him of the Amazon from Diablo 2 and after thinking about it, he was right. As before, I don’t want to go into skills and skilltrees, because I just don’t know every class and have no interest in creating new spells, skills and trees. I leave that to the developers and players who like to do so. This is just the collection of ideas.
    So I told you the BM could be a tank, a range damage dealer and a melee fighter. That leaves only one last possibility. Right. The BM as a healer.
    Since the Blademaster have (lorewise) a lot of respect for the shamans since they also are supported by the Spirits they already have contact with the Spirits making it easy to let them learn how to heal (Since the Shamans are able to heal too). Of course they wont be using totems, but it is possible that they use a deep meditation. Imagine a BM going into this special healing stance, sitting down to meditate and levitating from the ground still sitting. This would be a nice optic effect a little like the shadowform being unique for the Priest it would be unique for the BM. Again they use not a lot of armor so shield would be despised again. Staffs (being a useful weapon) and main / offhand should do fine. The BM should use mana, since all healers use it, only the Paladin having a unique additional source (HolyPower).

    So how should the BM heal? Of course Blizzard should come up with a unique way, but since we have only one healer really using shields, I would ask for some kind of discipline priest like way of healing. No not the same, but kind of. Blizzard tried to start the “bring the player not the class” theme. This would play hand in hand with this idea, since some fights benefit strongly from a discipline Priest. (I never played a Priest in a raid, so I can’t go into detail and my assumptions could be wrong)
    Now you know my idea for the BM, and though I said I wont create a skill tree I could imagine it to be like this
    Healtree, Melee/Tank tree and ranger tree.

    You may ask yourself, why should the BM become a hybrid being able to fill every way of playing? Well, the BM consider themselfs as elite force, as specialists. They want to master every way to be the most powerful unit in the WoW universe. So to me it is logical that they have BM who can heal or tank, or even kill their enemies with an arrow into the eye.
    A little summary:
    Races: Orcs, Draenai
    Amortype: Leather or mail
    Weapons: One and two hand swords and axes, staffs, offhand items (no shield) possibly polearms.
    Resources; Mana as a Healer, plus a new, unique one.

    When you played Warcraft 3 and know what a Blademaster is, you have a special picture of these fighters. I said that before, but let me describe it again.
    A Blademaster is an elite fighter, who wears a sashimono (if you like a better explanation than “flag” look it up on Wikipedia), shows his fighting skill in not wearing a lot of armor, and having a chain of big orbs around his neck. They have a samurai like touch, and are the elitist fighter of the horde (yet).
    So let’s talk about the appearance of them.

    Chest and orb-necklace
    It is uncommon, not to say impossible, to play World of Warcraft without wearing a chest armor piece (in raiding and pvping, if you want to do it successfully.) I am a big fan of the Appearance Tap, which could solve this problem, and I am positive it is going to be one of the features of the next expansion, but this is of course not sure. I don’t want to go into detail, but this feature would allows players to put an optic piece of armor, let’s say the Paladin T2 on your normal gear, let’s say the Paladin T11. When Players look at you, you would look like a Paladin in T2. But your stats would come from the T11, enabling you to raid looking like a T2 Pally with the stats of the T11.
    With this feature, you could make it possible for the Blademaster. But this wouldn’t be unique for the Blademaster, since every class could fight, let’s say, shirtless. That said the option to hide your chestpiece like the helmet or the cape wouldn’t be unique either. And here comes the necklace of orbs into play. When a Blademaster equips a chest piece, he wears this orbs. Since female armor and male armor look the same, their skin can be different. So this should be a possible way, and other games already used this way to create unique armor.

    Most of you will remember the shoulders of Herod, but since Cataclysm we find more and more shouldergear only covering on side of the shoulder. Not on every picture you see the shoulder on one side, but when you take a look at the Grom Hellscream from Warcraft 3 he does wear his shoulderpiece that way. Long story short it is not a problem to implement this special skin or an option to hide one side. Setpieces are very easy and nothing speaks agains other classes wearing the shoulder in this way. Though I would like the BM to be the only class.

    “Their sashimono allow their troops to identify them on the battlefield and move to where the action is thickest” This is a quote from Wowwiki explaining the purpose of this flag on the back. Like the orbs this flag distinguishes a Blademaster from other classes. It could be given to the BM with level 77 (the level which I could imagine as the final stage of the starting area), it even could show how the BM is skilled in the way it is coloured. I would prefer the possibility to show your guild logo or the Horde logo on it.

    These four things make the appearance of the BM very unique and should be part of the class, when it will really be implemented into the game. There might be better ways of adding them to the class, but some of them would went that far, that I hesitated to write them down.

    So, you may or may not have read to the end and have made your opinion. I know not everybody will like this idea. But I hope you can discuss it reasonable and in a normal grown up way. Criticism is welcome but please be fair.
    I also would like to point out, that English is not my national langue so please keep that in mind when you find spelling mistakes or odd ways of phrasing something.
    Thank you for reading and please discuss.
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    a lot of possibilities, but it seems like it would be to similar to a warrior already, or any of the other plate wearing 2h sword weilding classes. personally, seeing how ques are in randoms and how raid groups frequently need tanks and healers (still), the next hero class id suggest be a healer hybrid since the dks fill a tanking/dps role. maybe heals/ranged hybrid for a change from the last hero class. another thought i had was if you look at all the classes by armor types, you have plate with dk, pally, warrior. also, cloth for priest, lock, mage. and then leather for druid/rogue and mail for hunter/shaman. in a perfect world, the next hero class should wear either leather or mail to even out loot tables a bit.

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    Good read, thanks for putting all the detail into it!

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    no more hero classes please.

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    I'm 100% sure I've read this already, could be the other 1000 blade master suggestions :P But no, too many similarities with other classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesome Mojo View Post
    no more hero classes please.
    People want new classes to keep the game interesting PvP-wise, and they get to QQ more when Blizzard tries to "balance" it for the baddies =)

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    too similar to warriors...and we already had a melee hero class. I think the next will most definitely be a ranged or spell-caster hero class.
    I personally hope for spell-breakers wearing mail, using mostly magic, with the occasional melee and ranged attack.
    Could be reworked into a tank or a healer as there isn't much lore about them, and they do have a huge shield with them.
    WoW characters that need/deserve to get killed/punished/otherwise removed from the story: Tirion*, Thrall, Malfurion, Wrathion, Sylvanas, Jaina

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    The first hero class was a Melee. I'm fairly certain that the second will be a ranged guy throwing magix and stuff. In this light, i think that the Runemaster would make more sense. But this was a good read nonetheless, thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    ...But no, too many similarities with other classes.
    Maybe you could show these similarities. And explain where other classes have no similarities to others.
    Compare the Retribution Paladin to the Arms Warrior, the Enhancement Shaman to the Rogue, the Mage and the Warlock.
    They all have similarities, but they are played different. I Know I did not go into detail how to create such difference, but I think there are good approaches.
    In my opinion every melee class for example has many similarities to each other. Maybe you can explain where these classes differ to my suggestion. I may not have understood your point correctly, so please go ahead and help me to.

    no more hero classes please.
    Thank you sir, I just won a bet that this exact post is going to be one of the replies on the first page. I respect your opinion, but it is not mine, as the topic shows. In my opioinen there will be at least two more hero classes implemented in the game, hopefully the next one is the blademaster. After that it is possible that Furlbolgs (Alliance) and Ogre (Horde) will join the ranks of our playable races. (pure speculation of course) They woul get a visual overhaul, female characters, and new skins of course.
    The expansin after that could feature the Demonhunter making him a hybrid like the druid, with special demonforms for tanking and dpsing. again, pure speculation

    Good read, thanks for putting all the detail into it!
    Thank you, i am happy you liked to read it.

    ---------- Post added 2011-05-29 at 03:09 PM ----------

    I think the next will most definitely be a ranged or spell-caster hero class.
    I'm fairly certain that the second will be a ranged guy throwing magix and stuff
    Interesting idea, but what makes you think we have enough melees (If I misread your statement please correct me) and thinking the next will be a caster class, though we have nearly the same amount of casters than melees. And this number just ist one class short when you take out the hunter who does not cast spells.

    the Runemaster would make more sense
    I would no dare to say, that Blizzard wont implement a Runemaster, but they stated that the Runemaster was one of their first possible ideas for a hero class. They reworked it together with the Necromancer idea into the DK. Yet nether say never.
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    I'd be more excited about a Bard. Because something like a rogue/mage hybrid is really missing.

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    Didn't read all but, come up with changes to make the warrior class more interesting instead of creating a mimic class.

    Edit: The sashimono part should be implented as a new relic(instead of ranged) for warriors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    I'd pre-order my first WoW expansion (I've played since 2004) if the teaser video said "NO NEW HERO CLASSES - WE'RE GOING TO BALANCE THE GAME RIGHT THIS TIME" and "LEVEL CAP REMAINS THE SAME - FOCUSING ON CONTENT".

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    I did not read your post, but we got blademasters.. They are called Arms warriors.
    Originally Posted by Archer
    I wanted to make the front door look like a warlock summoning portal, but my wife said something about the neighbors thinking we worship the devil.. or something along those lines. Either way I was told no

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    I'd rather have a bard, I played one on everquest and it was awesome. Also, I don't see another hero class JUST YET since blizzard isn't done nerfing the first hero class lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tropos View Post
    I did not read your post, but we got blademasters.. They are called Arms warriors.
    Well people like you make my milk go bad. What makes you think I did not look into that? Read it. Than make your post. And again as already said in another post. There is no need to think just because there is an ability from the warcraft 3 hero class pushed into the spellbook of a warcraft class (here I guess you refer to bladestorm).
    Bladestorm ist clearly an abillity of the Blademaster in Warcraft 3 and now one of the Warrior in WoW. Still you can create a Bladestorm for the Blademaster: Call it Bladestorm if you want, another symbol and look. Like 4-5 Blades swirling around the BM.
    Make the BM move so fast that you think there are 4 or 5 of him, and there you go, you have a new bladestorm.
    Take Bladestorm and Blade Flurry. They are the same effect, you attack multiple targets, but it does look different.

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    If there will be a new class, i'm sure it won't be a melee, a ranged / healer hybrid that wears leather or mail, that would fill up some holes perfectly.

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    Also, I don't see another hero class JUST YET since blizzard isn't done nerfing the first hero class lol
    Are you talking about the damage of the mage? Blizzard will never be able to balance all the classes, please realise this. And as long as they wont seperate pvp and pve it will always be that way, that there is a more powerful class in wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasti View Post
    too similar to warriors...and we already had a melee hero class. I think the next will most definitely be a ranged or spell-caster hero class.
    I personally hope for spell-breakers wearing mail, using mostly magic, with the occasional melee and ranged attack.
    Could be reworked into a tank or a healer as there isn't much lore about them, and they do have a huge shield with them.
    They could also use throwing weps primarily, which is something I've always wanted (I made a hunter and tried to give him throwing wep in vanilla... it didnt work)

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    If there will be a new class, i'm sure it won't be a melee, a ranged / healer hybrid that wears leather or mail, that would fill up some holes perfectly.
    Can you prove that point? I don't see any argument against another melee class. Also, I wrote that the BM woult be able to fight with bow like the amazon and can heal.

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    I loved the Blademaster in WC3 and the orcs were my favourite race back then. I still like them very much and I would love to play a Blademaster. I like the idea of a meditation healing spec and I admit, you could find nice story plots to bring this class into WoW. Not so sure how much weight we can put on the "hints" in the game. There's also the secret Demon Hunter achievement, maybe those things are just easter eggs.

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