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    I had something similiar to this happen about a month ago. Was doing incline dumbbell bench press(75 lbs), As I got them up to the starting position, my right arm gave out. Was so irritated I threw the dumbbell, guess it made a loud noise(had my music on), & everyone turned around lol. Yes, I know it's dangerous to throw it. But I was at the end of the room with no one within reach of being hit.

    I've done 75 lbs before, but I guess I wasn't able to get them up after recently upping the weight on flatbench dumbbell press that same day.
    I had the same thing happen the other day. I did 65 10 times, 70 8 times and was trying to get the 75 up and I didn't kick it high enough with my knee and it kinda just tumbled... I felt so bad haha.

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    Yeah that sucks lol. Happened again today, except with DB overhead press. The station with the barbell was occupied, couldnt get 55 lb dumbbell over my head, so I just dropped it. Went & worked on my traps lol. Sucks losing strength while cutting

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    I have had very similar but perhaps more extreme examples

    I often train beyond the 'avg joe' due to my MMA and many a time towards the end of my run on the treadmill I start to go faster and steeper.....

    The build up of lactic acid makes me sick so I start to puke profusively but I tend to continue running while retching....its usually when I start to really puke hard that I loose my balance and am flung into the wall behind me but, I shrugg it off and run rite back onto the machine.

    needless to say the people in the gym I train at don't really take that much notice of it all since we are all training in MMA its a common occurence to push yourself beyond the limit!
    How exactly does lactic acid buildup make you sick...or even vomit?
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