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    shadow priest stat weights?

    ive recently gotten into a much better raiding guild
    and weve burned through normal mode content
    (yeah i know its no big deal)
    and it seems that my dps has droped,
    ive pulled up to 20k dps on some if not
    most fights.

    but now im my new team on normal mode nefarian
    i strugle to pull more than 14k.
    and i was just wondering if my haste is too high or my crit is
    too low.

    my armoury is here :http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...sz/fuds/simple

    any help would be greatly appreciated,


    armoury does not show it, but self buffed i have 29.16% haste.

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    Like anything, with stat weights, at this point in the game (Tier 11) you can never have too much haste as shadow. It will always be worth more than mastery or crit.

    14k on normal Nefarian sounds ok with the amount of movement you do moving to and from platforms. Dont forget your set bonus helps offset drops in crit for 5% in mind flay.

    I think it looks fine. Other than that neck peice, get dragonmaw clan rep up and trade out that for the exalted 359 neck.

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    hey, thanks for your reply.
    feel a lot better about myself :P

    ill look into getting that dragonmaw neck.


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    I'd say that 14k is very low for your ilvl. I don't know how you do nef, but you could multidot him and onyxia in p1. Also, gem for int, not pure haste.

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    Yes, make sure you are multi dotting in p1 (dots on Nef and Ony) and p2 (dots on Nef and the add on your platform).

    Also, what Xorz said is correct - yellow sockets should be Int/Haste gems (except your gloves - that should be a straight Int gem since the socket bonus is not worth it), red sockets should be Int gems.

    50 Int to bracers is -technically- a better enchant than 65 haste, but they are very close and the Int enchant is pretty expensive so unless you've got spare maelstroms it's probably not worth redoing.

    Also, finish your Therazane rep for your better shoulder enchant!! ;-)

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    hey, thanks for all the reply's

    ive never multi dotted and i just tried it on dummies
    and instantly got another 2-3k dps (self buffed)

    including changing my gems.

    thanks guys.

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    You're also over hit cap. Every extra point over it is a waste, so reforging out of hit/spirit to haste on one item should be good to counter it. I don't mean dump everything out of hit (it's still good for you), but just avoid being over as much as you can.

    DPSing a little lower than on other fights during Nef is normal, but the drop shouldn't be that dramatic. Part of it is just your DoTs falling off from the transition between phases 1 and 2 since it's about 20 seconds where you can't do damage at all and they fall off one by one. Multidotting during phases 1 and 2 should help that, but be careful about your raid group if they have specific timing for pushing the electrocutes and managing CD's.

    Movement during phase 3 should be minimized, but that's something you have to improvise depending on if your guild spins or kites. If your guild spins Nef, move when you have to refresh DP or cast a quick SW so you get DPS on the short move, and not otherwise. If your guild kites, do the same, but do a large move at one time; inching along when they are kiting constantly will make you fall behind.

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    Armory shows you at 15.09% hit rating, 17% is the cap you can be at best around 16.80%

    you have a haste gem in your legs and reforging spirit to crit when you're under the hit cap, hit cap is a dps increase and you dont gem pure haste, int/haste yes but not 40 haste.

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    As a side note to the above, while you've cleared the normal modes, you've still got blue shoulders. You've clearly been unlucky on Cho'gall with tokens. Go hit up Jan'alai in Zul'Aman for the Jan'alai's Spaulders for an upgrade. While you're hitting ZA/ZG, get the valor for the chest piece. Those two changes alone should push you up better; You should also champion Therazane while doing this; you'll hit max rep and can get the right shoulder enchant while you're there. (do their dailies as well!)

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