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    Pretty much just this:
    This indeed! That's the only comic anyone needs

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    o, speaking of they are working on a pilot to get an animated series of the webcomic going, so far they raised $87,654 in just about a week their goal was $75,000
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    All already mentioned, but what the hey
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    Jay Naylor's two PG web comics. Better Days and Original Life (read them in that order, preferably, as they use the same characters developing). Though the author is prolly more known for furry porn than anything, don't poke around the site too much unless you are of age and of a strong mind.

    Googe the author's name to find the site.

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    I need to ditch a couple of the dead ones and add Daily Blink.

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    Mostly harmless
    I like dark legacy comics, I also read penny arcade and redvsblue on occasion.
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    I enjoy the comics posted on the front page of MMO champ and the comics from The Oatmeal.
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    Questionable Content

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    Cru the Dwarf

    WoW based comic. The main character is a dwarf who likes blowing stuff up. The explosions he makes would scare a goblin. His fellow adventurer is a Night Elf druid, also known as the sane one.
    A later addition is Deserous, an Undead Warlock who provides sadistic humor. He is in my avatar.

    Main antagonist is Deathwing.

    The story begins in TBC.

    Sample page:
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    i read the webcomics:
    treading ground:
    its just awsome in every spec ^^
    protagonists:a homophobic, an roomate with the biggest bastarditude, a easy girl with a hell of a family xD, a wannabe vampire and other persons with weird personalitys

    the lounge:
    lesbian comicshop-owner with a funny staff !

    no pink ponies
    no ponies but funny

    ravens dojo
    a perv dragon and a fightingmaniac monkey! a must-read !
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    its a nice webcomic

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    I used to read 1 called mega tokyo but i quit after i read the last 1 and realized the guy only makes like 1 new page every 3 months...which is really ashame because i was getting into it.
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    gunnerkrigg court is pretty awesome. Girl Genius is definitely another favorite if you enjoy adventure, romance, and MAD SCIENCE!

    and for The Adventures of Doctor McNinja, I think the pages in this link will convince anyone.

    would you believe me if I said that one of the comics (it's separated into books) contained gun-toting banditos that ride raptors?

    ah and here's a great quote from the linked page

    "So go ahead and read the first issue. It'll probably only take you 15 minutes, and I promise you that somebody will turn into a giant lumberjack by the time you reach the 8th page."

  14. #34 - Updates frequently, pretty funny - Very infrequent updates, but the archives are worth a look if you're bored. Best to start from the beginning. - Every WoW player should read this

    VG Cats doesn't update much, but there are some excellent voice-acted compilations:

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    Yeah thats right

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    describing them all would take forever, I'll try to list some: <-- adventure, romance, and mad science! <-- hard to describe. It's mysterious without being one of those that never tells you what's going on <-- about adoption <-- start at the bottom of the page and move up

    edit: whoops, posted in this quite a while ago. oh well, this is mostly new comics I found that I'm listing here.

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