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    yah i agree, they should just be handed out like candy so none of them are unique at all, why should people have anything unique in the game, after all we all pay 15$ a month !

    /end sarcasm
    Aaannd .... you need mounts to be a special/unique/awesome individual amirite? Because your $15 a month doesn't get you Raids/PvP/Achievements/Titles/Gear/World firsts/server firsts. The way these greedy raiders act they should rename WoW too "World of Mountcraft" considering its the real reason raiders actually waste time in raids anymore. To hell with the lore/goal/achievements/titles/knowledge of doing it first and when it was hard right? /eyeroll
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    thats the lighting one, your thinking moltress.

    also I'm kinda shocked blizz hasn't done something like this flaming dragon on fire.
    The model looks like zapdos, just a different color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanorr View Post
    The model looks like zapdos, just a different color.
    It's still fucking awesome.

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    rofl at alliance pvp mount thats defiant lvl 50 mount!! Die in hell blizzard rot till worms will fill your eyeballs.

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    i love the new mounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by WowgGirly View Post
    The time it takes to make the new models, the animation, the color the texture, putting it into the game... It takes a lot of work.
    Like 1 billion dollars of revenue a year of work ? These guys are supposedly professionals and high school kids in their basement with moderate knowledge of 3DMax / Maya can create from scratch 10x better models (which are optimized, clean, and unique) over a long weekend. Adding a horn to a dragon doesn't take a long time. Its a 20 poly model tacked on to an existing model and some cleanup down to make it look "clean" (which they rarely do very well as it is). Throw on a texture (which is also to be recycled on 5 blues, a few epics, and an entire Tier's worth of armor) and you've got your typical "new" mount.

    The "its a lot of work" argument simply doesn't work. In addition to the sub, the $40 expansion pack fee is supposed to be for "new" content, not bullshit like Icecrown Citadel (ie: Black Temple with skulls thrown on everything, missing any variety or decor).


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    Yep. When kids are producing better models than you are it's time to reevaluate the quality of your output as a game designer.

    Given the position they are in they really have no excuse for producing crappy models. Furthermore, model design is not a subject which you can attempt to mystify and claim that it costs a ton of money. There are people in the community who have taken a multimedia course, there are people who have modded games and there are people who do 3D artwork professionally themselves, so we know what the effort involved is.

    These gladiator mounts are essentially armor added to an existing model, so we're looking at how long it would take a 3D designer to design that armor. 1 week, 2 at most.

    $90 an hour, 8 hrs a week, five days in a week, 2 weeks. 90 x 8 x 10 = U$7200 to produce those glad mounts and that's probably being generous. There just aren't enough variables involved for that estimate to not be pretty accurate.

    Subscriptions of only the amount of people that will earn that mount, not including the people for whom that mount is an aspiration, already FAR outstrips the minimal effort involved in creating it. There's not really any excuse for it and it's production of shoddy work like this which is why WoW is down 600k subscribers, they simply weren't willing to pay for the gaming equivalent of being fed scraps.
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    All the mounts... /yawn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    but you have much better lion than our scorpion
    I'd rather have a scorpion than yet another pussycat.
    I think both horde and alliance have nice mounts, but the sheer number of each type makes us long for the ones at the other side.

    new Mounts that come into mind straight away:

    4 wheeled buggy
    Monocycle (or how do you call it?)
    Hydra like ground mount
    Large snake
    Plane flying mount
    Squid water mount

    Everything except horses, tigers/lions, raptors, bears and flying dragons

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakarimas View Post
    Being too bad to raid would mean that you are in a comatized state of vegetableness.
    Anything better than that means that you can clear any pve-content tbh.

    Update: For the glory drake you need to do the heroic versions of the bosses and achievements, which only a few percent of the player base managed to do so far.
    only a few people managed to get 13/13 HC, which I suppose is your idea of 'any pve content'. (or not?)
    So following that logic, that would mean that the majority (dare I give a percentage of 95+ at the risk of people flaming me for pullling random numbers out of my ass? Yes I do!!) of the players are vegetables.

    I very disagree with you.
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    so blizz is making us not want to get glad?

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    And mounted BE in S10 armor

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    HD animation

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    If they wanted to chuck on some armour for the gladiator mounts, they should have done it to a Proto-drake model. Anyways, I like the PvP mounts

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    HEY FUCKERS.... listen up. If you're complaining about the gladiator mounts, go to hell. BC Gladiator mounts? = Netherdrake + armor. WotLK Gladiator mounts? = ICC drake + armor. (Although, yes I'm aware the model of the bone drake was out for the early Wrath gladiators before ICC was out) Cata Gladiator mounts = Twilight drake + armor. You're surprised? Would you rather it had been the stone drake + armor, or the wind drake + armor?

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