Name: Thorn
Age: 6
Race: Patchwork, Abomination, Geist. (Crafted Scourge)
Gender: Female
Languages: Thorn is mute, which means she's unable to talk at all.
Class: Rogue
Faction: Horde
Loyalty: Thorn follows her only partner, Shujaa. Being the quieter one of the two, usually Thorn will only protest against the most stupid ideas. This usually involves gestures unknown to man.

Personality: On the outside Thorn gives out a first impression of being quite an emo. Thorn moves around with her head slightly bent, taking somewhat off-balance steps and having the hood cover as much of her face as it can. Even though Thorn was a construct she was created with vast intelligence, to allow Thorn to abuse terrain, obstacles and vision blockers to a potential a mere puppet could not. That is also why Thorn is aware that she is not a real person, that she is unlike everyone else as her life is artificial, created. This means that eventhough her pressence is (somewhat) accepted amongst the forsaken, Thorn prefers roaming around with the few real friends she's been able to acquire. That is also the only thing Thorn can rely on now, as she does not share the mortals feelings for love, honor, despair, suffering or even happiness. Theese are feelings she's trying to understand, trying to learn. There are a few things Thorn has managed to understand though, one of them being beauty. Another being pain. Even though Thorn is a construct, she was made to be able to use all senses. Therefore she can smell, feel, see, hear, taste and sense just like any other human being. This however, also causes her to feel pain from wounds.
One of Thorn's true traits is her curiousity. Due to her vast intelligence, the construct enjoys figureing out new things, understanding why and how things work. That is a part of the nature forced upon her.

Likes: All kinds of wildlife. Thorn has been taught to appreciate natures beauty, and has found much peace in especially ponds and areas covered by wilderness. For Thorn that is the exact opposite of what she is, and therefore the best place to start if she wants to become more attuned to humanity. Thorn also enjoys going out for a drink. Being tipsy usually makes Thorn at least believe she's more human than she actually is.
Dislikes: Everyone that disgraces nature or life as it is. This also means that when people attempt to hire Thorn as a mercenary, they'd better have a target that is worth killing. Else Thorn is likely to claim their heads, instead of their targets. Also Thorn dislikes herself, as she goes against nature, just by being alive.

Appearance: Thorn is more or less entirely covered by black bloodsoaked frozen leather, a remnant of her time with the scourge. The leather is a dark blue color, actually knitted onto her, effectively using the armor as her skin. This means that she, save yellow reptile eyes, look exactly like a forsaken rogue. Due to the reptile eyes, and trouble seeing clear in sunlight, Thorn always wears a pair of green goggled engineering glasses. On both sides of her bracers the Katars are resting. (Katars) It looks like they're a part of her armguard, yet once engaged in combat theese two deadly blades slide down to sit tightly in front of her knuckles.
Thorn does have some strange teal hair, that looks as if she drowned and stayed underwater a few hundred years. Also Thorn has the size of a young teenager - about a 15 year old human.

Strengths: Thorn was created to assassinate targets swift and soundless. The bones in her hands are capable of retracting themselves slightly, allowing Thorn to push her arms through cracks, almost like an octopus. This means she can open almost any window or shutter from the outside, allowing her entrance. It also means she can use her hand itself to picklock open chests or doors. The bones in her heels and feet allows her to drop down from a fourth floor without taking any damage. Going up higher will start to cause issues though. Thorn is extremely agile and her crafted body allows her to dodge and react to things a normal mortal could never hope to achieve. Last but not least, Thorn's eyes allows her complete vision in the dark. Thorn also have access to some of the deadliest poisons in Azeroth.

Weaknesses: Thorn was created with one purpose in mind, which leaves it hard for her to do anything else. Thorn has a strong punch, but is unable to lift heavy burdens as her bonestructure would simply break. The eyes allows Thorn to see everything in the darkness, but nearly blinds her in complete sunlight, hence why she has to constantly wear engineering goggles when outside. Thorn also carries memories, that she has no clue where are from. They are tainting her thought process with whispers of something she shouldn't have forgotten. That which have given her the memories however, is also her source to battle experience. That however, is the only experience she has. In all other regards, Thorn is like a small child. Unable to understand sarcasm, irony or jokes of any kind. Even though Thorn is a construct, she does have feelings. Theese feelings are both giving a lot to her, but also taking a lot away. Thorn is unable to ignore, and therefore forced to keep moving forward.
Thorn also experienced an accident during her construction, which made her a mute. There was never a need to give Thorn anything that would make it possible for her to talk though, so her position in the scourge remained unaltered. Telepathically communicating with her forces was ideal, anyway.

Thorn was brought to life by the head of the scourges research, Professor Putricide. That alone already made Thorn extremely special, being that the creation of her was flawless. Flawless untill an aspireing technician made an accident with a corrosive acid, meaning that Thorn would be unable to talk. Being outfitted with crude saronite katars and the recipes for a variety of scourge poisons, a new breed of scourge had been born - assassins. Thorn was put in charge of handling the Geists initial training and preparing a new program. They were supposed to be the beginning of a new era for the scourge. An era, where the scourge would get their claws on who they pleased. Where others couldn't go, they would be the eyes and ears of her king. They would be the daggers that reached targets others could not, and Thorn would be their commander.

The first assignment was pretty simple. Their goal was to evaluate the amount of forces the horde and alliance were in possession of. The incident with the Forsaken Plague was something the Lich King wouldn't allow repeated. This time, there would be no surprises, no mistakes. Sent by Frostwyrm, the squadron arrived at the Eastern Plaguelands. The war between the Scarlet Crusade and the Scourge had long died out, leaving the land rotten and scarred. From there they quickly split up, and dispersed to their destinations. Thorn was sent to the Undercity. Climbing through the sewers, Thorn was inspecting everything that she could come in contact with. Yet, with the pressence of the Kor'kron actually getting close was troublesome. The sense of time had completely dwindled, as Thorn had spent more time than she would like to think of in the Undercity.

Thats about when Thorn recieved the first set of orders. The trap in Northrend was about to spring, and soon the Scourge would travel all across Azeroth, ravaging everything in their path. The squad was assembling, their task had been made clear. Their objective was to secure Brill for the Scourge invasion. Pushing out from the Western Plaguelands would cause the armies to fight in chokes. The Bulwark would be almost unbreakable. A scenario the Lich King sook to avoid. The squad spent a day or two planning out how best to take Brill. They weren't many as a group, yet every enemy they could assassinate would rise as an ally. As the squad finished their battleplan, readied formations and started to move towards Brill, a new sensation entangled all of them; Freedom.

The squad quickly disassembled, all leaving almost immediately. The Lich King had fallen, their purpose in his army had come to an end. While the mindless ones seemed to wander off in despair, Thorn seized her newfound freedom. A fact quickly became clear to her though; surviving alone was going to be rough. The only thing Thorn could do, was to pledge her alliegance towards the Forsaken. While Thorn was somewhat accepted, it wasn't a place where she would belong. As a part of the horde however, she was now free to travel out and experience the world, see new places. The first place Thorn travelled to, was Booty Bay...