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    [Bio] Ebonria, the Tormented.

    Name: Ebonria.

    Mortal Guise's Name: Ebonesra.

    Race: Dragon.

    Mortal Guise's Race: A corrupted Blood/High Elf.

    Class: Warlock/Mage/Shaman.

    Age: Just under 10,000 years old.

    Birthplace: Within the region currently known as the Barrens.

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

    Affiliation: Black Dragonflight, Twilight's Hammer.

    Relatives: Deathwing (Father), Sintharia (Mother), Virazor (Brother), other numerous children of Deathwing.

    Strengths: Empowered by the "blessing" given to her by way of Maloriak, she has grown to use her enhanced senses and abilities. A fierce and merciless killer, she acts in such a way that would gain the attention of her father. She serves him without falter, and follows his resolve with an iron will.

    Weaknesses: She has not fully come to accept her new appearance. Although it was looked upon as a gift, she feels deformed and twisted. Her mentality is rather fragile, in contrast to her fierce exterior.

    Current Location: Twilight Highlands.

    Dragon Form - http://i.imgur.com/v12s6.jpg
    Mortal Form - http://i.imgur.com/zreUm.jpg

    Personality: Decietful and sinister, she relishes in causing misery. Her vile termperament also contributes to her cruel actions. She is fierce and heartless in battle, and does not believe in mercy.

    Born to the Aspect of Death and his prime consort, Sintharia, she endured a bloody upbrining. Believing that her father's ideals for the world were the only true vision of the future, she clung to his hopes. As she grew within their shadow, her personality was formed purely from their own mentality. Cold, heartless, and incredibly cruel, she relished in the misfortune of others. Once Ebonria had come of age, she was forced to prove her worth. As the drake's skills expanded, their flight went on constant missions to eradicate what was left of the Blue Dragonflight. Joined by her brother, Viranion, their battles waged over Northrend, as Malygos's flight was pushed to near-extinction.

    Years passed, and so did countless victories. Yet, pain came to their own flight too. Hunted mercilessly, Ebonria came within the distance of her own death upon multiple occasions. Finally, a time to shine had presented itself within the Second War. As Nefarian, Viranion, and Onyxia were told to remain upon Azeroth, she joined her father and her other sibling, Sabellian, as they passed through the Dark Portal into the unknown world of Draenor. They had found peace to care for their eggs, but it was short lived. With an intervention played by the Alliance, and by Gruul and his kin, Deathwing was pushed away from his progeny. Ebonria stuck at her father's side, as they fled the planet, for Ner'zhul's twisted magics teared Draenor apart.

    Upon her arrival back on Azeroth, Deathwing pursued ideas of collecting the Dragonqueen's eggs. Leaving him and joining Nefarian and Viranion in Blackwing's lair, she helped them oversee Nefarian efforts in creating a new, superior Dragonflight, to replenish the losses of the Black Dragonflight. Although his efforts in creating the Chromatic Dragonflight were successful, he fell in the process. Mercilessly attacking the assailants and cutting down any that stood before her, she escaped the assault upon Blackrock Mountain, leaving Viranion behind. Without knowing where to venture next, and hearing of further misfortune that fell upon Onyxia, she fled to somewhere that she knew of. Flying to the Obsidian Dragonshrine, she met with the keepers that still looked over the sacred site.

    Darker days fell upon them, though. Arthas's Scourge attacked them, in hopes of raising the ancient bones of their kin. Defending it valiantly, she travelled to Wyrmrest aside Nalice, pleading to Alexstrasza for assistance. Unfortunately, the Dragonqueen protected her own flight, and held their importance, above the others. They were ultimately forced to defend it on their own. In time, Arthas was defeated, and they were safe. Great news had bestowed itself upon them soon later, with information regarding Deathwing. It was said that he would return, with immense consequences. She remained, awaiting news of her father's rebirth. Envoys had been sent ahead, to reap vengeance upon Alexstrasza's precious Ruby Sanctum. Just knowing that the Dragonqueen would suffer brought her joy. But, they were not successful. Halion, the master's great creation, died in the attempt to capture her eggs.

    The day then dawned. The Shattering shook Azeroth, tearing the world to its foundations. Reunited with her father, with his new exterior, she stood aside him as they wrought havoc upon those that stood against their cause. Looking favorably upon her servitude and alliegance, he sent Ebonria to Nefarian's Lair. Newly reanimated, he continued his mad experiments upon their kin. Told to specifically meet with Maloriak, she was bestowed with a "blessing" in the name of Deathwing. The pain was excruciating and unbareable. She endured the same pain that her father felt while his own plates were forged upon his scales. Although burning with rage, Ebonria came to accept her new powers. Enhanced senses and abilities came with her new form. Taking flight, she burst forth from the mountain, and was reunited with the Aspect of Death.

    Still at his side, she has heard of yet more failures preformed by Onyxia and Nefarian, namely their secondary deaths. Unwanting to repeat their mistakes, the monstrosity that she has become exercises her new form in hopes of being beside her father, eternally.
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