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    Best spec for healing in level 70 BG's?

    I'm leveling a Priest to heal in level 70 BG's (freezing EXP).

    What's best, Disc or Holy?

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    i prefer holy personally just because of the spirit of redemption talent...
    i don't know but when i join bg as a healer all enemy players ganking JUST me as soon as they realize that i'm the ONLY healer, so with that talent i can be much more usefull for the group rather when i am alive (maybe i'm such a fail person) 15 sec invulnerable healer is way too good for me (:

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    Disc by a long shot.
    • At 70, burst still plays a big role in scoring kills. Disc's improved bubbles plays a large role in preventing that burst and keeping people alive.
    • Spirit of Redemption isn't valuable because you want to aim for staying alive, rather than a talent that is only active when you're dead.
    • Plus, you get two defensive CDs: Pain Supression and PW:B

    I'd understand why people could debate Holy, however. Body & Soul has great synergy with the Brutal 4pc set to make a beefed up self Hand of Freedom.
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