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    Individualizing our characters

    We play this game since a while now, and over the years many people posted great ideas about how we can individualize our characters. I try to write down these ideas and hope you can come up with further ideas and comments.

    First we all agree, that our races deserve a revamp, so they can look as awesome as the Goblins and the Worgen. (The new Garrosh, Wrynn and Thrall models come to mind)
    I can understand, that some people would like to keep their character as they are now, but I think the majority is for an update.
    So let’s pretend Blizzard goes for that update. What would you like to see? Here are some ideas;

    First: Please, separate the features from another. I really don’t understand why the nose of the Goblin is connected to the form of their ears. Same goes for features like bones and piercings.
    Also the stuff should be related and themed to the race.
    New hairstyles and haircolours:
    Yes, we soon get some, but they should create more of them. Give every race the opportunity to wear the hair colour they want. (If some male orc wants to run around with pink hair, let him do that, I would not like that, but everybody should be able to customize his char the way he wants.)
    Ribbons and hairbands:
    Add ribbons and hair bands, and separate them from the hairstyle. Of course you can’t wear a ribbon and hairband with every hairstyle, but allow people to choose, what kind of ribbon they wear and what colour that ribbon has. Add Hairslides, like the little skull the female Goblins can choose.
    Add piercings and make them free selectable. I want to choose the face I want and put the piercing to the spot I want. Create new ones, not just rings. (Bones, rings, sticks,)
    Earrings, not just rings, also sticks and these “holes” (sorry, really did not come up with the name)
    Necklaces. It would be cool if the necklace or amulet we wear for our gear would be visual on our char. Also it would be cool if we could choose to hide or show those, and pick others. Like collars (sorry Worgen^^) and heavy chains (like Grom Hellscream wears in the Warcraft 3 video when he dies)
    Every race could have unique ways of customize their faces as they want. Tattoos, similar to those of Garrosh and his father. Not possible for every race(?)

    First, please think about the possibility to let us choose our body type, height and physique.
    Body types:
    There could be three body types (like in Brink for those who are familiar with that game). Light, medium and heavy. Of course classes should be limited to some of them.
    There can’t be a heavy cloth wearer, in fact the heavy body type should be only for the tank and melee classes. In the same way those melee and tank classes should not be able to choose the light body type. I also would be ok if every class can choose every body type. Would prefer the first way, though.
    Should not be a problem, since some spells already let us grow or shrink. Yet the spectrum of the size should be limited, so it won’t become ridiculous. I once thought about a connection to the class, but that would be very hard to create I think.
    Close to body types, but more for stuff like making chars a little fatter, slimmer and change muscularity
    I imagine us to be able to choose where we want to have scars. There should be plenty of them to choose. I also could imagine to make some scars (for the whole body) to be like an epic world drop. Some boss (and only boss creatures) can hit you und there is a small chance that you would keep a scar from that attack (of course you can get rid of that if you want, at a healer or surgeon)
    Could work the same way for your face, not just your body.
    But of course the symbols would be different. Like the Horde crest, maybe your guild symbol on your shoulder, or one side of your chest. The size should also be scaleable.
    New Skins.
    This is a little tougher, because I haven’t got an idea for every class. But first let me show my ideas:
    Tauren > Taunka
    Orc > Mag’Har
    Troll > Raventusk
    Blood Elves > Wretched
    Undead > different races (undead troll, elf, gnomes, maybe no visual bones and spines?
    Goblins > Maybe Gibblings?
    Humans > “small” Vrykul?
    Dwarves > Frostborn
    Gnomes > Leppergnome
    Night Elves > Highborn
    Draenai > Broken
    Worgen > …
    I would love to be able to choose those new skins over the hairdresser or a similar feature, maybe the already mentioned surgeon. This npc could also be the tattoo artist.

    Relic slot / tokens:
    These relics could be seen on your belt, shoulders or your helm.
    For example you could put it in your token in the relic slot.
    Druid: Pouch on the belt
    Shaman; Bag on your belt, or on a leather band around your body.
    Paladin: Libram / book on a chain around your body
    Hunter: Quiver

    Add the possibility to make rings visual.

    I am aware that most of these features would be hidden by our armor. But I hope the appearance tap will be implemented in some time.
    It could also be possible to create a new character screen, next to the one where you put your gear. There you could look at your chars new features event when you wear your gear. (a inspect function)
    Also I would like to see the possibility to hide more gear than just the cape and helmet. In fact you should be able to customize your gear more than today. (Hide only one side of your shoulder, hide your chest, turn your dress into pants)

    As far as I know it is very difficult to implement colorizing your gear. But it would be awesome if we could dye our gear.


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    I do very much wish we could choose features (eyes, nose, ears, accessories) individually and that they weren't all tied to each other. WoW has never had a lot of character creation options compared to many MMOs, and just separating all the features out individually would be a way to add a lot of unique looks without having to spend time making a bunch of new art. I think it's a good idea and I wish they'd work on a way to implement it.

    Everything else I am mostly indifferent to.
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    okay I like ur ideas (including the Blademaster one), and would love to be able to customize ur character further. Would like to see body tatoos as well. Another option I would like is the ability to hide certain parts of ur armor. For example the Ability to hide the chest , shoulders (either one or both), etc. Should be relativly easy to implement, as we already have an option to hide the helmet, cloak.
    On the other side an update to the model would be lovely, but I don't like the idea of using other race's skins for our ones. I'd much prefer just an update of the current models. Also what's with the hate towards Dreanai nd Blood Elves, Broken and Wretched is a HUGE downgrade....

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    Wish I could dye my gear tbh....

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    Seeing as every MMO takes ideas from others, take a look at Rift;

    They have most of the facial options, height & dyed armour available as requested above, surely WoW could 'borrow' these?
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    This is definately worth looking into

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    While this is a cool idea, and something all new MMO's should try to do, it's simply not something WoWs limited graphics engine can run (or at least in a pretty way).
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    Ok theres things that should be limited to character customization else youll end up with characters like in aion that are in chibi form with afros.......shudders....Rift does a good job with there customization they dont go over board but you have enough to make your character look the way you want to.But like many have said Wow is old i doubt it could handle it i mean were still trying to poke and prod them into new updated models.

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    The more customizing and individualizing, the better.

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    I'd love to see even a little bit of what you mentioned added to the game.

    But I think the best we can really hope for is to keep talking about it so the developers of Blizz's next-gen MMO will implement things like this.

    But we can dream.

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    With Blizzard's "it's done when it's done" attitude, they are always releasing outdated stuff by the time one of their games is ready to be released.

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    I just wish Blizzard licensed the Aion or APB character creator. Both have more depth.

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    I feel as if Runescape has more individuality with its characters -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerikanec View Post
    Also what's with the hate towards Dreanai nd Blood Elves, Broken and Wretched is a HUGE downgrade....
    To be honest, that idea wasn't based on hate for those races. I just thought that they are part of that race, and, of course there is some hate in some storry, but yet, they are Bloodelves or Draenai, and should be accepted by their race.

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    Fact of the matter is - it's been years now. Blizzard needs to step it up and upgrade that game engine. Multi-core processor support, maybe 64 bit support? We live in 2011, video cards don't cost much. Otherwise, it's going to head down hill from here on out, they'll lose more and more subs (already happening) until they are forced to pre-maturely develop their new MMO and release WoW as free to play... all this as they clutch on their note pads and pray Diablo 3 and Starcraft can keep them afloat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baskrik View Post
    they are Bloodelves or Draenai, and should be accepted by their race.
    They are mana addicts and allies of demons. They are in opposition to the ideals of their parent races.

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    Most importantly: Can I adjust my boob size?

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    I would love to play a broken draenei or dark iron dwarf.

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    I would love to have more customization too.

    The only thing I don't really see happening from what you pointed out that can't be done with current engine without problems would be the body types option. The problem is that most chest and legs armor are put on the skin of the character. That means that if you made 3 body types suddently from 24 models for each piece(12 races, two genders), you'd have to now make 72(12 races, 2 genders, 3 body types). And I'm not even counting transformations that let you keep your armor on.

    Besides that then, I support your ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaffo View Post
    Most importantly: Can I adjust my boob size?
    You had better not decrease them.
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