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    Discipline priest , which items to wear ?

    Hello mates.
    Im a discipline priest and im always using that spec.

    On raids RL asks me to mainly heal tank with raid support when possible.

    Can someone help to me to make final decision what to do with my gear ?

    I started to make heroics instances with my guild and finally got first pieces of hc version gear.

    I got Bracers of the Burningeye. HC version
    and if I replace with my old
    Bracers of the Bronze Flight (normal version)
    then i got
    +36 stam
    +25 int
    +143 spirit
    +16 hst
    -127 mst.

    So i would like to ask you : shall i fight for these - 127 mastery points?

    If I will do then i have
    Einhorn's Galoshes (normal version)
    for my old
    Melodious Slippers normal version (for dps Hit reforged to masetry)

    so i got +90 haste (reforged to mastery like before with hit rating)
    and +149 mastery
    but i will loose -169 crit.
    I have lot of crit but is it worth to loose it.

    My armory link is

    I would be very appreciate if someone get me any little tips for my char.

    Thank You in advance.

    Ps. Im sorry i didnt put any links or full link for my char but it is my firs post and im not allowed to post any links until i write some more posts

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    I have a fairly shallow understanding of Disc (only just started getting back into it), but hopefully any mistakes I say will encourage another poster to come out and correct me. Take my post with a grain of salt.

    From what I've been learning, your plan to switch around gear sounds fine because mastery stacking seems to be working for both myself and the disc priest in my guild that's been mentoring me. I noticed you're ignoring the haste cap BS (yay), which is something I was a bit afraid of when you mentioned all the +haste you got. From my experience, trading crit for mastery is okay, but it'd be better to switch out of haste for it if your focus is tanks. My only other suggestion would be to change your enchant on gloves from haste to mastery... I believe there's a +65 mastery enchant available. (I am shadow main though, so it occurs to me that you may have avoided that if the gloves are for your shadow set mainly.)

    Someone may come along and correct me, so keep in mind I've only just started Disc again. I could be way off, but someone should come to the rescue if that is the case. =)

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    I'm also playing disc mainly as tank heal with some raid heal support (8/13H). My thoughts to your questions and to your armory stats:

    - You'll get along with less spirit than disc priests who do mainly raid bubble. You can reforge spirit to other stats (how much depends on individual circumstances of course).
    - That being said, you can reach a good stat balance by taking almost anything clothy without hit, first priority is just higher ilvl, second priority no crit (see below).
    - While crit isn't a bad stat, from my experience mastery still is more desirable, even when mainly tank healing, so far I've been reforging out of crit (I guess it'll become worthwhile with the next tier). Your mastery seems too low to me. If you haven't already done so (and deemed it inferior in your case), I'd suggest give it a try and reforge your crit to mastery. You trade RNG and overheal for higher absorbs.
    - More int is first priority. It does not only make your heals more efficient, it will also provide you with mana through Rapture (besides Replenishment etc). I'd strongly recommend 50 int on bracers and Power Torrent on your staff.
    - 1/2 Inspiration is no option for tank healing imo. 2/3 Divine Fury neither (Greater Heal should be one of your main spells used, 0,15s less cast time is worth a lot of haste rating). I'd take those points from Surge of Light or Veiled Shadows.
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    Assuming you're not having mana issues then you have enough spirit, so the gain there is useful but not really required. However, 25 int is almost always worth it over the mastery loss (you can thusly reforge spirit to mastery if you have no mana issues). The int gain will allow you to push better heals out, mastery increases your shielding (so it depends on what you're doing when you heal). 127 spirit reforge to mastery gives you 50 mastery.

    I'll also note that there are better shoulders out there. Again, if you're not hurting for mana in your fights, then Claw-Fringe Mantle from High Priestess Kilnara in Zul'Gurub is a better choice (and you'll get an extra +10 haste due to the red socket bonus). If you get lucky in raiding, Atramedes, Nefarian and Cho'gall all drop worthy shoulders for a healer.

    Going further, 2200 VP for the t11 trousers is a better option again (mastery, reforge-able spirit to haste (92 haste)), and 1250 VP for Twined Band of Flowers to replace your DPS Band of Secret Names (again, spirit to haste gives you 50 haste).
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    Thank You for answers.

    I will change all spirit enchantments for intellect. (Power torrent , bracers ) and haste gloves to mastery.
    On every raid we have shaman healer so i have granted blessed and mighty Mana Tide

    For reforging crit for mastery (for all gear) i have concern, cause Divine Aegis talent absorbs 30 % of healed (PoH) and depends on crit on other spells (greater heal) so maybe crit isnt that bad ?
    I have to check if mastery affect efficiency on DA.

    And power torrent, Someone told me is worse cause it procs less than heartsong. Is it still better (for discipline priest) than heartsong despite less frequency of proc ?

    I have still some valor points so i will change trousers and ring.

    Thanks for Your time.

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