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    ///Runs away from ban hammer........

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    I'm with you Spiritus. If we have too many stickies, then we should at least have one sticky for each class on the top level. Maybe if we combined the guides with the "state of" threads similar to EJ's we could keep them all on the front level and direct all relevant discussion to the specific thread.

    I'm not saying that we should turn this into EJ's by any means. I started healing in Cataclysm and I have found the information on the mmo-champ forums to be much more helpful. I'm simply saying that they have a minimal amount of stickies and it seems to work.

    For instance. Trinket and gear lists can simply be incorporated into the main spec threads, or if incorporation isn't an option we can simply link them there. We'd probably be better off to simply link the UI threads rather than trying to incorporate them.

    I don't know, I'm just tossing around ideas. If we do have to collapse the stickies, then we should make it one click for a user to get to information on their spec of choice. Hopefully this will bring more attention to our guides, and we can incorporate the "state of" discussion into it.

    In any event, I suppose it's not that much digging to find the thread you want, but it would be nice for our new users to be able to find things quickly.

    Best of luck.

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    I love our priest moderators and I love spiritus

    Peace and love all around!

    I can also understand how stickies can get out of hand.

    One for each spec in pve

    One for each spec in pvp (Probably not Holy but bleh)

    General Aspects of a Priest, Beginners Guide, Gearing ........ It can explode out into an overload.

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