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    What unique/personal catchphrases do you use?

    When I was a boy, I'd go with "cowabunga!" But then the Simpsons came out and Bart stole it, so I stopped using it.

    Nowadays, my unique celebration is to raise my right arm and pretend to pull a rope attached to a huge bell and say "daing, DAAAAAAAAAAIIIING!"

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    I'm too unique for catchphrases...

    Holy fucking sarcasm, Batman.

    Teehee 8D

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    too many to listen them all , but the first few to come to my mind
    - what party is going on with you?
    -always keep your b'tch tight

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    Moving to Fun Stuff.

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    Waaaaaaad de fuuuuhhhck?!
    Who are you, and wth did you do with Tur....oops :x
    §% /!*$ $%&(" you %§&("( of %$(§("))=($$&(§%§&"(/(**

    There are no unique Catchphrases I know, because I copy them from other people
    Quote Originally Posted by Davillage View Post
    If eggs are non vegetarian ejalculation is genocide.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    So all vegans want to kill animals.

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    "No shit sherlock" if someone is really obvious.
    And whenever some hot girl walks by in school "Sweet!". Not always gives me good reactions, but most girls know I always tease the girls and fool around a bit.
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    I quite honestly have no clue... probably end up thinking about it now... thanks OP! D:

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    scientia potentia est! It means: Knowledge is power!

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    Pretty much this:
    What? Why? When? Who? Which? How? Wait...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monolith of Mazes View Post
    Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn! The thick plottens.

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    "Don't ask me." "Why would you ask me that?" "Literally."

    I seem to be overusing all three of those.

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    right here
    "it's all your fault"
    "ah crap" (and all its profane cousins)
    "bite me, doughboy" (the sisters and I were all big fans of the Drew Carey show...)
    "well, duh"

    and when one particular friend is around, one of us always yells "DUDE!" and gets answered immediately with "SWEET!"
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    Ah yeah...

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    I find myself screaming "I DO WHAT I WANT!" like Cartman in that one episode that he is trying to be a defiant child to get on TV. I also greet pretty much any friend/family member with " O herro!" at least once a day.

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    Your opinion is wrong.

    The look on a person's face when I say that is priceless.

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    I don't have a catchphrase.
    Trust me, I'm a marine-biologist.

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    "You know what..."
    "Honestly, who does this?!"

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    Me and my friend always say "Everybody gets one" Spiderman says it in a family guy episode.

    We also like to touch our weenises together whenever we feel like it. (a weenis is the skin on your elbow)

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    "curses" and "du gillar't" ("you like it", but like shortened up "you like't".. kind of >_O)

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