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    Raid Healing

    Hey guyz, So what is the best healing rotation for a holy preist .......I'm having trouble keeping my heals up to what others are doing

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    You should check out the sticky on this forum!

    There is no "rotation" for any of the priest specs, so your question has no answer. If you give us some information (are you raiding? reg dungeons? heroics? pvp? group or tank healing? who are these others?) and especially an armory link, we can give you a lot of feedback for how to improve your gear and how to handle specific issues you have.

    Read the thread I linked and try to give us some information and a specific issue you want help on. It's difficult to give any sort of help when we're not sure what exactly the problems you're having with healing are.

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    There is also a thread here with some nice tips for holy healing, though I don't know how much they'll help you out since you didn't give a specific issue you were having. They're mostly bits of advice, but still not a "rotation" of any kind. The questions in its OP are the types of questions you need to ask if you are confused over something.

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    You can also check out!) if you've only just started. It should also give you some reference for what you could ask about in particular if you're unsure what the problems you're having are.
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