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    Trying to come up with a macro to help my atonement spec, and was wondering if someone would like to lend a hand. The gist of what I want from it is for me to be able to cast smite unless pray of mending, bubble, or penance is up then target the tank, tanking, cast the spells then resume with smiting. Maybe not cast penance and instead use holy fire whenever it's up. I'm horrible with macros and Idk if it's possible. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Thanks!

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    not possible, only if the spells dont use a gcd this would be possible.

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    Well ya was referring to if I pushed the same macro after each gcd it would only cast them whenever they were up. I.e. It's hot keyed to 1, smite > target targets target (or target focus) bubble > PoM > target mob >smite until bubble/PoM is back up

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    The UI forum would probably be of more help.

    Basicly that's not possible. You can't use a macro to cast a spell when it's off cooldown. You would need to set up a cast sequence that will cast your heals, like /castsequence [reset=5] [Target=targetstarget] penance; bubble; prayer of mending; bubble; bubble. The idea being that you want to have it auto target the tank, either with targets target, or by making him/her your focus [target=focus], and then casting your spells in order, longest cooldown 1st, then the next and the shortest. Keep adding shorter cooldown spells untill your longest is off cooldown. After your last spell is cast it will go back to the 1st. Reset is seconds after last key press to go back to the start, you may need more than 5seconds.

    This is simple but not flexable. I have a 1 button macro on my hunter and it's ok when things are going well but you need all your other abilities available for when they are not, or when you need to cast out of sequence. You would need to cast smite on your own.

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    best you could do is a castsequence, and it would not do what you want. Cast priority macros are not viable in WoW, Blizzard made it impossible a while back.

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    Alright thanks for the information! I'll try to put together a small cast sequence. Thanks again!

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