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    Looking for WoW-chars to draw!

    Saw, got inspired - I'm looking for characters to draw in this / This style.

    Want one? I'm not currently taking any more! Please check again later!

    - Post your armory and/or relevant screenshots; if you want different gear, please link too. Shoulders and helms are generally the only thing that'll I'll draw though - these are busts, after all!
    - If there is something notable in your character ("missing an one eye", "scar over a nose" or something) you can mention it
    - Wait! It might take me a while, or I might not do one at all -- there are over 5 pages on this thread already so it's pretty impossible for me to draw EVERYONE
    - If you get lucky and I draw for you you can request higher resolution version of your character via PM
    - Use these wherever you want, as an avatar, signature, print and feed through a shredder, I don't mind. Just don't claim you drew these and if someone asks I'd be ETERNALLY grateful if you would credit me: OR OR

    Have fun!

    Finished pictures:

    Xanarot - Fnx - Eida

    Febreze - Deebo
    Gavan - Darthbaul

    Guner - Lûmên
    Loreia - Quantus

    Thuro - Daragan
    Kerath - Obelodalix

    Avalash - Krispy - Repatriate

    Cyirris - Eazye

    Kapaya - Muzgash - Ohiggins
    if you use these somewhere, anywhere, please credit to my dA ( or to pretty please?
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    OMG yes! I wish I was as talented as you obviously are with ink

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    I'd post my armory but seeing as I never see my druid outside of it's form - Wanna just do a Troll Boomkin? <3
    Would luff you long time ^_^
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    Diffrent from the rest, i got a special picture/face that i'd love to get a paintjob off.

    +1 internet if the "clothing" is included.
    +½ more if the crab is in.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you draw mine, thank you! If not, thank you anyways for doing this! (:

    Lightning's Blade forever

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    He's basically a happy-go-lucky, young worgen.

    Thanks in advance!

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    A link to my pallies' RP set. If you're only intending to do heads, it might not be -too- interesting, but if you felt like it, it'd make a great picture.

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    268 my adorable worgen, if you'd want. she is a crazy cat... lady? also secretly a pokemon master.
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    starcaller valentyne -- kel'thuzad, us | reckless abandon

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    i want a draw of mi shammy thanks in advance!!!

    a pic without helmet:
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    Sure, would be lovely

    Link is in my sig.
    Just your friendly neighbourhood, metal-head, cowboy paladin!

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    Demonaz Occulta (real name: Harald Nævdal), the once-guitarist and chief lyricist for the Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL.
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    Death improves everyone's reputation...

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    Would be great to see how it would turn out! If possible, I would love to have it themed of an old wise Orc veteran, perhaps somewhat looking tired after a battle or something like that!
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  19. #19 Awesome Idea! If you draw mine great, if you dont, still awesome. =D

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    I would love a picture. I don't have a current armory of my night elf huntress.
    Maybe this would be a good example to use ?

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