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    Ooooo, thanks alot! Love orc shoulders I tell ya!
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    I believe what we need here is some voodoo.

    <3 Forever if you choose to draw one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kartikeya View Post
    Heyyyy you're on a same realm as I am!

    anyway some paladins coming up later today ... then maybe rogues or warlocks? Or maybe worgen. I honestly can't decide, I do intent to draw as much as possible though, even if I don't get to draw everyone.
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    Wow... umm... WoW.... um.. Yeah... *blows dust off the thread* It's been months and I am truly sorry - I did intend to draw as much as possible, and I guess I sorta did. Then the requests kept pouring in and I kinda drowned in them, and then my own ~personal~ projects also required my attention. But now I'm back! For a while. I still have a huge workload if I inted to draw for everyone (and that I can't promise) but I'll be drawing... something.

    So, whoever posts the nicest screenshot will get a full-body sketch of their character let's start easy!


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    Aww, don't get swamped, I've seen it happen before. That being said, I'll admit to being a little excited when I saw this in my subscriptions!

    I doubt I have anything crazy good, but I will check my SS folder anyways, muwaha.

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    These were my favorite candidates of the bunch that were at decent settings. Probably not the best, but still my favorites c:

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    very very cool drawings, bro.

    Keep it up.

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