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    Quote Originally Posted by -Dalliah- View Post
    I'll buy it when I have more free time.

    And the trailer gives me chills every time I watch it.
    Ditto, except for the fact that I'll buy it when I have more free time part... I'm buying it the minute I can.

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    il buy it as soon as i get a good gaming rig
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    my attempts at being funny with skyrim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginzha View Post
    elder scrolls is actually one of the only games i react to the same way a 12 year old girl reacts to justin bieber...

    i realise this may not be healthy
    rofl i know what you mean, no game release has EVER gotten me so hyped. Id imagine it would be just like those who got WoW during beta because they loved the warcraft games so much.

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    I hated Oblivion (Don't stone me please!) But Skyrim looks pretty interesting, I'll probably pick it up!

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    I may have just creamed myself after watching that vid...
    Quote Originally Posted by SW:TOR
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    Ill get it on release day but I wont be camping for it. I'll just get it on steam and have it predownloaded and ready for me the next morning.

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    I can't wait for skyrim, morrowind was too awesome. I remember having the map out, yes the map that came in the box, and the game map open and plotting my next move since I didnt have the entire map revealed at the time.
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    lol after close to 10 years of TES, the minute ive heard ive had this nagging feeling when ive played other games, becuase i know it wont be as good as skyrim. tbh im bursting at the seams for it already, and will be camped outside several days before release.

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    As well, Gameplay gonna be showed abit at E3! So new stuff/info/gameplay very very soon!

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    The best part (for pc gamers at least, sorry console guys): Modding tools included with the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minores View Post
    I hated Oblivion (Don't stone me please!) But Skyrim looks pretty interesting, I'll probably pick it up!
    I wont stone you, everyone thats excited about Skyrim either was in love with Morrowind or in love with Oblivion, and they usually hate the other. But its the same epic formula!

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    There isn't one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoeii View Post
    Where is the 'I'll torrent it' option?
    stone this guy

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    predownload on steam, playing it at 11.11.11 midnight

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeta333 View Post
    Im not a fan of oblivion but ill be waiting like a good boy for the new fallout on this engine since it will be sick.
    uuuuah, fallout is so boring. :-)

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    I want this badly.


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    Daggerfall > Morrowing > Oblivion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conno View Post
    Daggerfall > Morrowing > Oblivion.
    where did you buy your rose tinted glasses?

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    I'm going to wait until it's out, check some reviews and hopefully get a chance to play a demo or on a friends pc before buying it. Oblivion is one of the most disappointing games I've ever played so while I'm hopeful Skyrim will be a return towards the greatness of Morrowind, I remain sceptical. but if it can be even half as good as Morrowind was (so approximately several billion times better than Oblivion) then I'll buy it

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    Where is the Pirate it option?

    < arrrrrrr i'm a pirate >
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvbastel View Post
    i think this is still appropriate
    That pretty much sums it up for me
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