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    How can I improve?


    Looking for any advice on how I could improve as far as gemming, reforging, and speccing goes. All suggestions/input welcome!

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    not bad, you got the general idea, although power torrent is worth more mp5 especially with higher gear levels... i also prefer one less point in darkness and one more point in empowered healing but thats my preference. also if you raid which it looks like you do i would switch out penance glyph for the power word barrier glyph. I also stack haste after int spirit and mastery for the sole reason of stacking divine aegis with prayer of healing. i value crit the least because poh makes divine aegis automatic. It looks like your still gearing up but try to avoid crit pieces if you can and get glyph of pom... for one of your major glyphs preferably get rid of smite.. this is all for your disc spec btw

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    i would get rid of the mass dispel glyph for mending glyph to increase your hps. other than that you seem to know what you are doing. stacking mastery>haste>crit

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