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    my 83 shadowpriest - should I ?


    So I got my 83 shadowpriest and I'm not sure whether I should level him or not.
    You know before you start leveling something you do some research and such and tbh shadowpriests look awesome.

    My time on wow is mostly spend by doing heroics, bg and loads of arena.
    According to video's I checked of shadowpriest and asking around I heard that shadowpriest are pretty good.
    Now I have some question or arena playing spriests and ofc any other may give her/his opinion aswell!

    Sometimes when I encounter shadowpriest in arena / bg they seem pretty helpless.. like weak and such... so I'm wondering if I'd level my priest and just gear up trough BG's and weekly arenas.. maybe stupid question but.. will I be having fun like are shadowpriest just good at arenas and all that?

    Because I'll be playing 2v2 and 3v3 with friends and I would really like a shadowpriest but I'm not sure if they're any good or just focus targets who die fast.

    Maybe abit stupid question but I hope you guys could give me some advice and opinions... it's like the last kick I need to get to 85... (:

    Thanks in advance.. please don't flame me.. just looking for more experienced players

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    LOTS of fun!

    I don't know why you've seen weak spriests in bgs..maybe those were nobs,spriests are one of the best casters,I play mage, and I hate sprists a LOT! (thats why I rolled for one,had fun until lv 73,got bored not because it isn't a cool class ...because it isn't mage)

    Also depends on your game style....I find Spriests very similar with warlocks(although I never made a lock char)
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    Spriests are really strong in arena/bgs, go for it. Far from weak.

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