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    Blame Ghostcrawler. Same shit happened in WoW with the same guy running the show. Its quite incredible just how similar of a path these two games took in regards to depth. Large talent trees condensed into rows with 3 options each. In WoW's case it was the old talent system. In League's it was runes and masteries.

    Plus if I make an incredibly basic analysis, the damage in this game has gotten way too high. Everyone does damage, ADCs do too much, tanks, assassins, mages, all of them. If I play an ADC now I quite easily crack 400+ AD, but when I started playing the most one could usually get was around 320 or so. Seems like a small amount, but then you consider all the damage multipliers others put up on top of your own.

    This game was better when it was more about strategy and using abilities at the right time, and less about trying to catch someone staying slightly too close or too far from their team, and one shot them.
    I kinda disagree on the damage part though cos I still feel that it's affected by a range of factors but I can still notice the difference between a champion that needs to farm vs a champion that needs to kill to be able to keep up as the game goes on. Also the option of "dragging the game out" or "closing the game fast".

    I started from Season 4 that was 2014 I think and hadn't found much problems in regards to damage/in-game fights. There were only problems if say, someone keeps feeding another player non-stop, either intentionally or unintentionally (and doesn't intend to stop) and the team doesn't work together to shut that guy down (or if that guy is way better in skill).

    I do agree on runes/masteries though. I remember the days where I'd place in some "weird" combinations of runes and masteries to balance out on what I wanted to do but now, I'm restricted to place my points onto certain paths. Well, it's kinda easier for new players to understand, but once they get the hang of it, that's it, there's nothing more.

    What pissed me off was the removal of the banner of command. I remembered friends, teammates and the general public laughing/being toxic whenever I go for that build path, but I've proven them wrong by consistently getting into diamond WITH the banner of command for the past few seasons till now. I was so happy when I finally saw banner on competitive play and implemented as a legit strategy after 2 years of using it and trying to convince everyone that it's actually a really good item.

    People starting to say that it was OP, I wasn't really an active player, decayed to plat and went back thinking that I could use my usual strategy to climb up again and it'll be fun. I bought the "materials" to realize that the item is now out of the game. Yes, I made it back to diamond eventually, but this flexi strategy that I could use once in awhile to have fun has now been taken away.

    I may have missed out on things, but I just felt in general that it's because too many people who don't bother to think for themselves on how they can counter it complained too much and they just decided that "banner's not a fun item anymore, let's take it out".

    Banner was an item to help with early game gold lead and to counter mages who can 1 shot the whole freaking wave no matter how big it is to help with "early game teams that got dragged out" to close out a game. It can also be countered with that "kill minion immediately, get the gold and deal additional dmg to the same type of minion" mastery (I think smite didn't work on it).

    So basically, I'm just bitter. I record all my games, I used to make my own videos even if nobody looks at them and used to have a burning passion for the game. But now, I'm just waiting for the season to end, I get my diamond through decay prevention, gonna create 1 final video and I might just choose to quit the game.

    After 4 seasons of "getting into diamond and leaving it to decay", I think it's time for me to just move on >_>.

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    Groups Stage comes to an end, as Invictus Gaming -iG and Fnatic qualify for the Quarter Finals from Group D.

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    Yeah boi, LPL finally won their first ever LoL world finals.

    I mean what "if" Royals actually beat G2 in the semi, it would be so different.

    Man, I really hate Rekkles attitude, always self-centered and judge other player, called out JackyLove, now he gets punished, I hope he can just freaking retire now.
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    I dont play league anymore but this penta from the new lissandra buff is amazing.


    I love lissandra. I mean, i used to love lissandra.

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    Ok this is the champion that will make me come back to League of Legends after nearly 1 year without playing it.
    Its a gimmick that was seen in some kind of item...in a different mode i cant remember.
    I remember seeing Sp4zie owning people with that item...i think it was from the "black market" or something.

    Anyway...nice gimmick. WIll make me come back to LOL.

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    Hey, Im John (UK), I love playing Fizz and Darius. That shark will come for you ahahahah

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    What do you guys think about Position Ranks
    There is a lot of talk going on about this.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot about an interesting interview talking about possible problems.
    Like for example:
    If you get a off-role, what is preventing you from trolling?


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    is good back to league of legends?

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    Why are people so mad at you when you are not good at this game? I find myself constantly apologizing to everyone when I die or lose lane. Most constructive criticism is basically "Get good"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralphi View Post
    Why are people so mad at you when you are not good at this game? I find myself constantly apologizing to everyone when I die or lose lane. Most constructive criticism is basically "Get good"
    If you're leveling, they are all "Diamond smurfs" who think they are really good, but are in fact bronze scrubs who have made a new account to help them feel better about killing new players.
    If you're low rated, it's because people have been stuck in Bronze/silver/gold for 5 years due to "elo hell" and "always getting bad teammates", and have to blow out some steam on anyone or anything but them self.

    In both cases - /mute all and move on. LoL is a toxic af game.
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    The 10% reward. It's was unspoken rule that you DONT attack other faction so everyone could enjoy the 10% reward. But now no one cares about that anymore

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    The communities in all MOBAs are toxic. People love flaming their teammates if something goes wrong. It's because they commit 30-60 minutes to a game, and they want to get high value from that time, but when something doesn't go their way they lose their shit.

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