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    Team Fortress 2 Thread

    Any other TF2 fans out there? feel free to post favorite class/map/tactics/w.e

    Post anything related to TF2, feel free to share tips/tricks

    To start, im actually pretty new to the game, but have really enjoyed it. I love playing the Sniper, but can handle the other classes when there is a strategic need. Only class i have trouble with is the Spy. the whole "sneaky sneaky" approach is really frustrating and boring to me. I also dont really play the Medic, because the last thing i want to do is follow a Heavy around with a heal gun when i could be scoring Headshots on the other team.

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    Spy is the class that requires the most amount of luck and skill. I personally like being a demoman with my huge axe because its hilarious. Least played probably spy and sniper

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    Tried it, didn't really like it

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    I like to play the Demoman and the Spy, and i only play Arenas :P

    Here is my Backpack :P
    Page 1 is random items im going to craft
    page 2 is materials and weps i use
    page 3 is for crates
    Page 4 is for nothing atm
    page 5 same as page 4
    page 6 if for hats etc :P

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