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    Can we get some numbers? Just for lols..

    My best estimate is that I'm sitting around 350d across my account, since vanilla. My highest char is around 60 days.

    Oh.. and before people go "THINK OF WHAT U COULD HAVE DONE WITH THAT TIME" ... I consider it well spent. I talked to my irl friends, laughed and relaxed. You probably do, too

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    8h x 365d x 6y; hf!

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    172 days on my main now, from 17th of december 2007, and before that i played the same class but horde instead of ally, for maybe 70-100 days. and across alts its quite a lot more.

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    For what game? These are the Off-Topic forums.

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    From release to just before WotLK my priest had 264 days played. At the time I had quit playing US I have over a year played across all my toons.

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    I have everything 85 except my DK and I probably have like 500+ days played over 5 years. Who would have through $13 a month could provide so much entertainment.

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    I think I was close to 900 days or something /played over all my chars, highest being at like 270 or something :/

    I don't play anymore though!
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    400 main, cba to waste time on alts

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    170days on my current main.

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    310Days on main; 12days across alts

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    270 on main, around 600 overall on all chars, might be more

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    It feels like Aeons, and its close to !

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    173 on my Main

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    Around 150 on my 85 rogue
    50 on my 85 pala
    and another 118 on my 70 rogue

    These are the chars I have played the most and have been my mains

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    Haha, around 20 days on my main. And around 90 days spread out over alts

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    This toon isn't too ancient, and I've main swapped a few times

    [07:47:56] Total time played: 387 days, 3 hours, 11 minutes, 48 second

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    Started 1 month after wotlk release, i have 384 days on all my chars put together

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    315 days 9 hours on my main, probably close to 600 - 800 across all my toons
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    Right before my acct went inactive I checked the /played on my main and he had 310 days. I have alot of alts also. 2 of which are 85. I should have /played on each toon but I couldn't bring myself to see just how much time I have into the game.

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    Rogue - 78 days, 5 hours 9 mins
    Warrior - 69 days, 0 hours, 21 mins
    Mage - 12 days, 5 hours, 16 mins
    Priest - 59 days, 5 hours, 8 mins
    Hunter - 11 days, 1 hour, 32 mins

    Total - 229 days, 17 hours, 26 mins
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