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    My main just passed 125 days, not sure about the others but I'm pretty sure none of my alts are past 25.
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    Started right around the 3.2 patch.
    Total time: 178d
    Main: 108d 8h
    Next highest: 20d 2h
    Lowest 85: 4d 14h

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    Warrior - 224 days, 9 hours.
    Other toon, have on average 1 day played.. i cant be bothered lvling another toon.

    i AFK alot in SW while playing other games though, i probably shouldn't but.

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    Roaming around.
    got like 190+ on one of the chars i've had since release
    I thought I did, but apparently I don't

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    I had around 82 days when I stopped early december '10 just before cata
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    On my main character 666days,7hours,37minutes

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    221 days.... on my Deathknight... D:
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    565 days 15 hours 22min. played for 4 years :>

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    My main, a druid, since like May of 2006, has 386 days, some odd hours and minutes.
    My alt, a shaman, since ( July of 2006? ), has 272 days, 48 minutes and xx seconds. Woot for staying dedicated to my class

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    my /played is like 200+ through out all my toons. Started playing towards the end of vanilla.

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    270+ days on my main
    160+ on 3 other chars
    870+ across my account (according to altoholic) however, that doesn't include the few 70+ chars I've deleted and remade
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    389 on my warrior that I've played since launch, about 100 or so on other alts. Time to go for a run.

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    Been playing since tbc on my main, got a alt to 70 as well.. i'm scared to check them both : /
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    [17:22:03] Total time played: 250 days, 16 hours, 48 minutes, 14 seconds
    [17:22:03] Time played this level: 46 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes, 51 seconds

    That's solely my main, I played a hunter as main for the first year of TBC, then I played a LOT of alts in WOTLK - mage, shaman, rogue, deathknight, druid - now in cata I play a warrior as my "first alt" - probably getting on for 350 days since early TBC.

    Fuck. One year of my life.

    Ah well.
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    2190 days, i've been online almost 24/7 since release!!!!

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    Just hit 4 days on my Mage! ilvl 359. That 1 to 85 included

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    564 days, 20 hours and 56 minutes and 38 days at level 85 (I played way way WAY more during TBC/WotLK) on my paladin. I've played since launch and this character was the first I made, also my only one for all these years. I go AFK a LOT though, which is something I've always done, so if I always logged off whenever I went out, to eat, to play other games, etc I'd probably not have much more than 400 days. Time well spent, though, so I don't really care.

    I have like 10 other alts I play arena on but most of them I didn't even level myself, I just like having fun and getting titles every season. Doubt I have more than 20~ days played on all of them combined.

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    Look outside ur window, i derr?
    too lazy to check all, 30 days on my warrior, 4 days to lvl to 85

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    91 on my main, 140 all over my characters. I started in December '09. I don't have a life...

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