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    Final Expansion Thread

    This a thread to spread your own ideas on an end game expansion.

    I was thinking of a final defense scenario against Sargeras.
    A Naaru predicts his arrival to Azeroth in one years time. The leaders of Azeroth come together to discuss the matter and come to an agreement to prepare all of their forces for a final defense.

    Leaders consist of so far and could have more or less:
    -The Elemental Lords including possible new fire and air lords.
    -The dragon aspects including Wrathion.
    -The Argent Crusade leader Tirion (possibly gaining help from Bolvar the current Lich King).
    -The Alliance and Horde Leaders whoever they are by then.
    -Thrall of course.
    -Kirin Tor.
    -Some panderan superfaction.

    Try and incorporate major figures in past expansions basically.

    Over the year the horde and alliance will work their hardest to create a fighting force Azeroth has never seen.

    The "Dalaran" of this expansion will be something ive called "The Bastion of Azeroth" where exclusively Horde and Alliance players will be able to trade and talk and fight together in specific instances and eventually, after a year, fight the final fight together if wanted.

    Feel free to add and/or change up mine or make up your own! This Thread is for fun.

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    Who knows for sure Sargeras would be the final boss? There are a million other things it could be. Not that it matters WoWs still going and will likely continue for a good while.

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    Maybe, in the final expansion, you end up in an epic battle, ultimately destroying Azeroth and fleeing to a new planet at lvl 100, and the only way back to Azeroth is through a time portal that takes you back just "days" before the last epic battle when Azeroth still existed. It would keep with the time lore and give the 100s their own new master cities and space where low leves could NOT port to. There would be a personal mage portal, and a group portal with a lvl 100 req to use it.

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