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    [Bio] Azeri

    Name: Azeri

    Age: Adolescent; the draenei equivalent of 17-19.

    Race: Draenei

    Gender: Female

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Personality: Typical rebellious not-quite-adult. Azeri values her freedom above everything else. She is fairly insubordinant and disrespectful, she cannot take seriously any matter which requires her to have any actual responsibility, and the idea that she may grow up to be like her mother repulses her. She likes adventure and fun and having an awesome time, things that the Exodar were just not going to provide. In short, she is not what you'd expect when you think of a draenei girl. She has little faith in the Naaru, she'd rather pave her own way. She does not have a halo and angel wings. She is a rebellious little shit.

    This draenei girl is also reckless to the point of outright stupidity. Pit of fire? Sack of gold at the bottom? No problemo. She'll get it. Lake full of murlocs, ancient and valuable artifact on the other side? She'll go for a swim. Azeri is reckless, dangerous, and a total disaster waiting to happen. She is clumsy and overeager and generally way too hyper all the time.

    She is also quite flirtatious, as girls of her age - mostly other races - frequently are. She is not an outright whore but her morals are definitely mostly absent, as she has no self restraint when it comes to flirting or leading guys on to get what she wants. She knows dudes are going to be looking up and down those svelte curves of hers', and it sadly flatters her.

    Likes: Freedom, independence, material goods, adventure, fun stuff, good company, booze (she's not old enough btw)

    Dislikes: Parents, laws, responsibilities, getting hurt, being told what to do by people who have NO CLUE, being told she can't do what she wants by people that have NO CLUE

    Appearance: Oh, yes. Basically, she looks like THIS.

    Azeri is tall, sleek, young, feminine. She is curvy and voluptuous. She is gorgeous. It isn't often I say that, but Azeri is, really - she's a real treat from top to bottom. She was born with and has maintained a skintone that is nearly as pure white as freshly-driven snow with silky, side-parted hair of the exact same. Her horns are swept back over her head and thus non-threatening to anyone or anything. She tends to wear whatever looks good, be it cloth or leather, usually with a lot of exposed skin - she usually only wears just enough of whatever it is to keep her reasonably safe from the elements, but not necessarily combat.

    She carries no arms since she wouldn't know how to use it. Any fighting she's done has been with bare fists.. She does frequent bracers and fingerless leather gloves, as well as leather 'bracers' for her legs, just for the support - if you're living a life of travel, it's good to have. She has collected many shiny things in her adventuring, though, so she's got a bunch of jewelery ranging from gold and silver rings and necklaces to bejeweled anklets and tail-bracelets.

    Strengths: Well, her looks. Duh. She is persistent and determined, extremely confident, very optimistic, a quick learner, and uh, yeah. Wagglewaggle.

    Weaknesses: She is reckless, she is young and inexperienced, she isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and she is a bit immature. She's never handled a sword..

    --Born on Draenor to a pretty draenei anchorite named Beruuna and her husband, Noristius. Born back when orcs weren't trying to kill everyone, so she was born into a peaceful life in a small village outside of Shattrath. Was named Azeri and blessed by the naaru! Mom and dad were so proud of their pretty little thing.

    --Mom and dad packed up Azeri and moved to Shattrath to be close to everything. They figured it'd be better to get Azeri socialized and comfortable around other draenei. So she lived in Shattrath, and life was good.

    --Kil'jaeden had a chat with Ner'zhul and Ner'zhul stupidly listened and started the attacks on the draenei. Azeri and her mom and dad were quite safe at first there in Shattrath, and she was blissfully unaware that draenei settlements were being wiped out all across Draenor. Hey, she's a kid. How's she supposed to know?

    --One day mom and dad start fluttering around in a great panic, they grab Azeri and a couple necessary belongings, and they flee Shattrath. Azeri is just a little kid, she has no idea what's going on. She is aware that her parents are fearful of something, but are trying to hide it from her. She's a bit scared too, but only because they are.

    --Winds up going into hiding with her parents on a mushroom in Zangarmarsh with Velen and a bunch of other Draenei who were fortunate enough to not get killed by the orcs. Azeri still only has a very vague understanding of what the hell is going on, but as time passes, she grows older and begins to understand. The gravity of the situation means nothing to her; by the time she was old enough to understand, she was the draenei equivalent of a teenager and had grown very accustomed to this life hiding in Telredor.

    --Azeri lives unaware of anything going on outside Telredor. Draenor gets ripped apart, and all she is aware of is a massive earthquake and whatever Velen no doubt said about it.

    --More years pass, Illidan moves into the Black Temple, Vashj builds herself a house under a lake, and Kael thinks Tempest Keep would make a nice palace. Velen is like fuck that noise, ain't no dirty blood elves taking over my space ship and he packs up his draenei - Azeri included - and goes out there to give Kael the boot so he can take the Draenei to some other dimension.

    --The blood elves, being the nefarious bastards they are, fuck up the Exodar. Sooooo instead of planeshifting, it smashes into a planet. Ohgod.

    --Azeri survives the crash, as do both of her parents! Her parents, being upstanding draenei, help rebuild on this new planet however they can. Azeri declines any invitation to assist with the rebuilding in favor of exploring the area around the crash site. The last time she was allowed to actually go anywhere, she was too little!

    --Spends the next few years exploring and generally ignoring what she's supposed to be doing. She developed a taste for freedom and adventure, something the Exodar could not provide. Her parents eventually tried to rein young Azeri in, but..

    --Two years ago, Azeri decided THAT'S ENOUGH, I'VE HAD IT, I'M RUNNING AWAY. So she did. She ran away, left the islands, and decided to roam the world as a neutral entity on the hunt for adventure.

    --Decided that pirates are badass and obey no laws but their own, they do whatever they want, whenever they want.. So she wants to be one. So yeah. Even though she has minimal combat experience, minimal experience on a ship, and minimal experience with.. basically everything, she decided piratehood is far superior to being a lone wanderer. Yarr.
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