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    I wish I could claim credit for this one, but it was done by a priest alt (warrior main) in my guild a while back before the 8-second limit was added. I'll call him Holy for short (an original name!). I know this happened because we were talking about other stuff over Mumble (a ventrillo alternative) when it happened.

    So Holy was out fishing in Uldum for fathom eel because our guild needed mats for the feasts. He had been out there a good 10 minutes when this orc warrior came along and started ninjaing his fishing pools. These pools are plentiful enough that there was no logical reason to use the same one except to bug the other person. Holy was aggravated because we needed another 2 stacks before raid in an hour, and the orc was from a PVP guild, so it was pretty obvious the guy was trying to goad him.

    After 5 minutes of jackassery, Holy finally switched into his lol346 pvp gear after the orc ninja'd another pool near the lost city delta, then challenged the orc to a duel. The orc did a bunch of rude emotes and switched into a bunch of Vicious gear, then accepted. We heard nothing over Mumble for about 10 seconds, then mad laughter.

    Holy used psychic scream once he recovered from the initial charge, then mind controlled the orc. He then made the orc run around to aggro two crocodiles, turned him around so they attacked him from behind, and stood there until he died.

    The orc warrior was never seen again. =D

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    back in classic we would hide behind the wooden fence outside alliance av entrance and mc the npcs to attack people waiting for av 3 priest mc 3 npcs fun was too be had
    I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is back on the scene! I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up motherfuckers is my game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Expensiveham View Post
    dark siming a priests mind control near the ledge in twin peaks, trinketting his mc then counter-mcing him off the ledge

    wish i coulda seen his face
    Win! I'd love to have been there to see that.

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    w/ a rogue buddy of mine, i would MC people into deep water off the boat from ratchet to booty bay

    fun times

    also, dueling in 1k needles and dropping fellow hordies off the cliff

    fun times

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    Back when bg's were horde vs. alliance same server only. On Aggramar the best pvp guild was a horde guild called Blackrock pvp, they totally dominated. Horde had insta ques and Alliance waited up to 2 hours sometimes, long story AB Blackrock pvp would rush and pin the alliance up into their own graveyard and back then there was a portal in each graveyard, their priests would MC players thru the portal LOL. Alliance players after waiting forever to get in would get no token and have to wait a hella long time to get in another BG. that shit was priceless.

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    hahaha damn Valizix, I had totally forgotten you had to exit the bg's with a stationary portal back in the day.... ah memories

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    Best thing was MC'ing Saurfang in Ogrimmar during the Ahn'Qiraj Gate event.

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    Goblin priest here - MC'ing them in EOS and AB <3 -----

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    My fav was once MCing a Shaman in 3s to have his DK then use Hungering cold in an attempt to stop me. He succesfully froze his shaman while my team killed the warrior, making the DK our MVP.

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