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    Bio: Albert "Al" Fletcher Jr.

    Name: Albert “Al” Fletcher Jr.
Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male
Languages: Common, Goblin.

    Class: Rogue


    Personality: Al refuses to give up at anything. He is strong willed, but not stubborn. His personality is much like his father’s. He always looks out for what’s best for himself, and his “family”. He can’t stand by and watch someone in need suffer if there’s something he can do for them. He steals, but only out of necessity.

    Likes: The sea, his father, fishing.
    Dislikes: His mother, being trapped, being abused, endless parade of his mother’s one night stands.

    Appearance: Al is a slim muscular boy at 5’10”, with vibrant windswept red hair. Clad out in handcrafted leather armor, equipped with his father’s dagger.

    Strengths: Avid fisherman, very capable of sailing and filling the roles of three men on a ship, excellent cook, skilled dagger fighter, excellent shot with a pistol and cannon, experience with concealment from adventuring through Dustwallow Marsh as well as intercepting information, he is also an amateur leatherworker and skinner. He is a skilled thief and pickpocket and is very analytical.
    Weaknesses: Always wants to help people.

    History: Al grew up in the port town of Kul Tiras to a man of the Navy and his wife. He has spent his entire life influenced by the life of the sea. Fishing, sailing, and the like. Upon the settling of Theramore, Al’s Father was promoted to the rank of Captain and was asked to travel there at the request of Jaina Proudmoore. His father was a noble man, always looking out for what was best, not just for his family, but for his crew and for the entire navy. His mother on the other hand, was a selfish completely unfaithful woman. When Al’s father was gone on duty, his mother would have men over who she would sleep with, and when Al was younger she would always say “we’re not going to tell your father about this.” but as he grew, she knew that wouldn’t help any longer. As Al grew, she began threatening him, she would have the men threaten him, she’d do anything to prevent Al from telling his father. Because as a Captain in the Navy of the Alliance, if he died in the line of duty, she would become very rich, she couldn’t stand to have him leave her.

    This abuse went on for years, without Al’s father knowing. Al would spend most of his days in the Dustwallow Marsh, exporing, training, running errands for guards or visiting the Goblin settling of Mudsprocket where he learned to speak fluent goblin.

    Al loved his father very much, and missed him every day he was gone. One night when he was 15 he returned home to find two Navy men at his house, and his mother crying. The men told him that his father and his fleet had gone missing, with little chance of survival. Naturally his mother inquired about the money she would receive upon his death. The men told her that since his death was not confirmed they could not give her any money and left. Al’s mother became enraged. She locked Al in his room for days at a time, spent most of her time drinking and continued to sleep around.

    A few years later, when Al was locked in his room, there was a knock on his window. When he looked out there was no one there. All there was, was a fresh pile of dirt as if something had been buried. At first chance Al got, he dug it up. What he found there he considers his greatest treasure. The item he found was his fathers knife, the knife he received the day of his promotion to Captain. The knife was beautiful. It was a long straight slender blade about a foot long, with a golden ornate handle with the symbol of the Alliance at the hilt, with the words “Captain Albert Fletcher” engraved on the blade.

    As much as he cherished this find, the knife was not what he considered his greatest treasure, but the hope that his father may still be alive.

    Ever since that day, for three years, Al prepared and planned on leaving Theramore and his wretched mother and searching for his father. He didn’t care how, but he would find his father any way possible.

    His friends in Mudsprocket told him that the best place to land a ship would be in Booty Bay. Al set out without any thoughts of returning home.
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    RP Character Bio: Zook || Albert "Al" Fletcher Jr.

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    Just so you know, Theramore isn't 20 years old... I think it's only about 6-8. However, your character could have moved there after the Third War, and could have lived in Kul'Tiras prior, which was well known for it's fishing trade and navy.

    As well, I'm afraid that with 7 people, and another who's already said he wanted in, the RP's full. However, i was considering making another pirate RP for potential recruits, if you still care to use this character... though I'm not sure he'd fit in with some pirates since he steals only when necessary rather than for personal gain.

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    So I fixed the lore parts that you suggested Madgod. I also removed the part where he was specifically joining you on your quest. And I understand you reasoning behind not fitting in with other pirates, but I disagree. His main reasoning behind joining up was to search for his father, so he's not really out for personal gain. He also wouldn't prevent others from doing what they wish. It's just a personal stance he has chosen. I sort of have that, probably cliche, but a Robin Hood sort of feel to him? If that makes sense.

    Regardless, thanks for your feedback and corrections.
    To be the hero is all I'll ask.
    RP Character Bio: Zook || Albert "Al" Fletcher Jr.

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