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    What is the fastest way to level 1-85, using rested XP as much as possible?

    I wanted a new project to work on, so I made myself a orc warlock. Currently destruction but considering if affliction is a better optinon since what i'm mostly doing at this point is run around DOT'ing stuff up and let the pet finish the job. Works fairly well for the time beeing.

    I plan to level it to 85 using as little /played as possible, and I am therefore looking for pointers on how to do this best.

    I've got full heirloom gear, except the ring, level 25 guild and all that. I picked up herbalism and mining, allthough I remembered getting more xp from picking a herb or mining a node. It doesn't look like it is worth bothering with these professions from a leveling speed standpoint.

    I plan on playing this almost exclusively as rested, so keep that in mind as it probably has an influence on the best way to level. On that note, for how long can a charecter rest and still increase the duration of the rested buff.

    I guess what I'm asking for is the best way to level in the different level ranges. What zones to skip, when dungeons is the better option, due to bad leveling zones at that particular leveling interval, etc.

    So have anyone tried anything similar, and do you have some advice and expirience you can share that will help me in my adventure.

    The toon is level 12 now. I did most of durotar but decided at level 12 that there was probably better ways to procede.

    Any help, expiriences and suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.

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    imo, lvl through dungeons or pvp. questing is meh. quest while waiting for ques though.

    all the lower lvl dungeons has quests you can pick up at the start, great way to lvl

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    Get them to level 2 chars, get the warlock level granted to 60 for around 5min played time.

    Rested I believe maxes out at the percent you currently are into the next level. So if you are level 12 and 45%, rested will continue till 13 and 45%.

    As for quickly leveling, I'd guess finding a good tank and a healer could be a good start. If you can speed run instances I'd say it would be faster than questing.

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    If you have a friend who can PL you with a mage/warlock AE class.

    Refer yourself on the same battlenet account so you can use heirloom on a pair of characters. A cheap copy of wow is $5 to $10 and comes with a free month.

    Level to 11 as a pair. Go to Shadowfang to 15, then change dungeons to stockades if alliance, not sure for horde. Get to 20, go to Scarlet Monastery Cathedral, at 33 Scholomance, 37 Stratholme (manual entry, not RDF) then hit the highest dungeon you can enter til 60. Takes like 3 to 5 hrs.

    60 to 70, brute force via BC dungeons. At 70, accumulate rest XP for dungeons throw in a few fast quest lines. BAM 80.

    81-85 questing is crazy fast.

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    My Record so far has been Enhancement Shaman - 3 days 22 hours 43 Minutes. Leveled him with double heirloom maces, chest, shoulder and double haste trinkets.

    If you want to level fast, you need a good reaction time, plan ahead on what route you take from quest to quest and of course, knowing what zone is fast to level in.

    Edit: This was 1-85 just fyi.
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    Always keep the dungeon-queue up and try to stockpile as many quests as you can. Also, when you start to see quests turn green, move to a new zone. With heirlooms, dungeons and a little wow-experience, leveling is such a brease!

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    Im leveling a warr atm, its level 76 - Played - 9 hours 6 mins. Pure Questing + Dungs + Call of Arms Bgs. at low level you might want to do call to arms if it is possible for you. Say Arathi Basin, you would want to do that, 1 win = Crazy Xp

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    Don't listen to people, they don't know shiet. RAF is all the way up to 80, so just go with that.

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    If I remember well, rested XP max is 1,5 lvl, reached in 1,5 week (if I'm correct) if your character is in an inn.
    If you are going with a friend, guild ... just run dungeons with them.
    If you are playing solo, do quests and maybe dongeon/BG queue's. But I think this is risky because you may not have a good party ...

    I'd do until lvl 10-15 straight. then only quests when bleu bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holorob View Post
    Rested I believe maxes out at the percent you currently are into the next level. So if you are level 12 and 45%, rested will continue till 13 and 45%
    I'm not so sure it does. While the rested xp amount is gained as a percentage of your current level xp bar I think when you actually ding you get the fixed amount rather than the percentage.

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    play during the day, not night - the dungeon queues for (At least <60) DPS are insanely quick. I've leveled without doing any quests but the dungeon quests (That are in the starting place of the dungeon), you won't even have time to get the quests. In outlands it should be the same due to the number of DKs people are rolling. In Northrend you'll prolly will have to start doing quests, Cata - questing.

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    if you can play afflication and dont care much about looting none quest item mobs then roll with it, I would suggest you level your herb and mining, your right at the time being its a low amount of exp and not wroth it. how ever in the 80 ranges its 6.6k (was that roughly on my lock) per herb spot, and you quite often find their pretty close to each other especially in uldum and TH, you can easily get 5 spots in less than 5 mins on one quest, which is 25k exp + so more or less it adds up to a quest hand in, I'd pretty safe to wager if I didnt pick up herbs on my lock leveling her I would of had to do a good 10 quests extra if not more, (for the record I had 100 veils give or take and nearly 300 cinders, I also 4got to learn herbing past 450 so I missed a shit load of storms and a few other types from uldum onwards) also the volatile lifes should pull in a pretty penny when your done leveling I had 600gs worth so cant complain really
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    For the most part dungeons are faster if you are using rested xp 100% of the time, if not:

    As a tank: dungeons 15-80, quests/dungeons 80-85

    Dps: Dungeons/Quests 1-58 emphasis on dungeons, more emphasis on quests 58-80, and quests 80+ with the exception of each dungeon once or twice.

    Heals is about halfway between.

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    One bubble of rested XP (5% of your current level) is earned for every 8 hours spent resting. A maximum of 30 bubbles (150% of your current level) may be earned.
    As for the fastest leveling, nothing beats RAF.

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    I leveled an enhancement shaman EXTREMELY quick from siverpine forest to level 40.

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