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    [Bio] Hector Bradshaw

    Name: Hector Bradshaw

    Age: 53

    Race: Gilnean Human/Wogen

    Gender: male

    Class: Buccaneer

    Faction: Quatermaster and Lieutenant abord of the Wicked Wench

    Hector looks like a seaman of his age would be expected to look. He has a wrinkled pockmarked face, that has been tanned form his long time on the sea. His eyes are small from the constant blinking into the sun, but are a bright blue and always looking around. His neatly trimmed fullbeard is whitening slowly, as is his long hair. He wears a black blue coat, as weather beaten as his face. A blue bandana holds his long hair under a rather big felt hat with a green feather.

    Weapons of choice: His old marine cutlass from the second war, often accompanied by a hatchet in his second hand, and every dirty trick in the book.

    Personality: Pragmatic, Disciplined, yet opportunistic, cunning and silver tongued when he needs to be, very stubborn, does not take criticism well. Also due to his stoic nature he is able to suppress the worgen curse extremely well, since he sees it as a weakness in naval combat.

    Likes: Navigating, leading a ship, Loyalty, outplaying his enemies.

    Dislikes: Disobedience of a crewman, sloppiness, nobility/Authorities, especially Graymane.

    Strengths: Cunning, silver tongued, unmatched navigator, When he fights, he does brutal, effective and dirty in combination with very solid technique which makes him a dangerous enemy.

    Weaknesses: Extremely pigheaded.


    Hector was born as son of the Bradshaw family. His mother died when he was young and his father disappeared into the Blackwald. Without any means to survive, since the work of maintaining a mill was too much for a single man, he sold the land and enlisted in the Gilnean Army. He joined the navy and outplayed his fellow recruits very fast, and was able to assume the position of a captainin unbeaten time. Hector was one of the few that were able to sail the deadly reefs that surrounded Gilneas.
    When the embargo was in power, he mercilessly sank many smuggler ships. He had a very tight grip of his crew, since on mistake could be their last in the tricky seas of Gilneas. He disciplined his crew mercilessly by whipping and keelhauling any disobedient sailor. He was feared but respected. The things a captain should be in his opinion.
    But when a member of the Blackwater raiders offered him obscene amounts of money for smuggling goods into Gilneas he couldn’t decline. The people needed those goods and were starving in the poorer regions. Hector accepted the bribe as many men of his crew, stemming from poor families encouraged him respectfully to do so. He split the bribe with them, so they could feed their families. Hector and his crew led the small smuggler ships through the tricky waters. He always felt that he Graymane family took good care of their people but the Isolationism was tough for a sailor like him. He would have loved to sail the seas, but they never were allowed to carry more than 1 day’s worth of provisions with them so they would return. This oppression was terrible for him. But he obeyed never the less since he attributed good intensions to all of this.
    When a rebellion was about to spring Hector joined Darius Crowley in his efforts. When the Rebellion failed, Hector and his crew deserted and joined the smugglers of the blackwater raiders with his commandeered ship. They were ultimately caught in harsh weather and when they were sailing in Gilnean waters. Bradshaw’s ship was destroyed and he barely survived an encounter with a reef shark. He still has teethmarks of a fleshwound on his right arm. Some of his commanding officers and Hector himself were imprisoned; most of the common sailors were executed for treason. Hector insisted that they would be set free and he was the one to blame since they followed his orders. But Hector was deemed too precious for being executed and he was thrown into Stoneward prison.
    When the Cataclysm struck Bradshaw joined Crowley and helped defend Gilneas and it's people, and was ultimately struck with the worgen curse. When the worgen threat was under control, Hector was cured from the feral desires, but his fellow crewmen, weakened from the prison could not break free and were put down following Lord Godfrey's Orders. Genn Graymane later ordered his Chemist to continue the treatments until they either were freed or died.
    This was the last straw for Hector. Graymane was not there for his people again. Of what use was a king if he didn't fight for his people? Crowley crawled back to Graymane and his crew that had been loyal in the end had died. Being freed of his charges he reclaimed his old position as captain and during a routine inspection he seized a ship, small enough to be sailed by two men. He managed to stay awake for four days straight and sailed it to Booty bay, on his own. The Blackwater raiders knew him but demanded the Ship as their own never the less as “anchoring toll” They left Bradshaw with a sack of coins but without ship. He had still the desire to sail the seas, as a free man, so he was looking for a charter, as navigator or Quartermaster, which he luckily found abord of the Wicked Wench.

    And for those who read the whole thing a picture of him:

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