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    Tues -> Thurs 8PM - 11:30PM (EST) <Crucial> 5/13(H) LF Healers, and Ranged DPs.

    <Crucial> is a semi-hardcore guild on the server US - Exodar (Alliance). We raid a total of 10 Hours every week, and ask that our raiders maintain a 75% raid attendance for any given month. We like to pride ourselves in our relaxed raiding atmosphere that our GM and Officers have worked to achieve. The raiders are friendly and the progression is steady.

    We expect all applicants that do apply to be fully enchanted and gemmed, a raid background is not necessary just the willingness to learn the fights quickly and effectively. We also ask all applicants to be ready to discuss any features of their class, or address questions about their spec and choice of gear.

    Our raid days are as follows:
    Monday - > 8:30PM -> 11:00PM (Server time (EST))
    Tuesday - > 8:30PM -> 11:00PM (Server time (EST))
    Wednesday - > 8:30PM -> 11:00PM (Server time (EST))
    Thursday - > 8:30PM -> 11:00PM (Server time (EST))

    We're currently on Exodar, and our progression is 5/13H

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    Bump for Dragon Soul. Looking for a main tank for the remainder of the tier and going into Mists of Pandaria. Also looking for a few exceptional ranged DPs, our raid composition is rather full right now but we're always looking for more steady/able raiders.

    We're currently 2/8(H) for Dragon Soul... attempted a few other bosses and with 15% nerf we should see a few others fall.
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    Bump 4/8(H) - looking for DPs in general.

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