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    Stack crit in 4.2?

    Hey guys, up and coming priest here. Was wondering if stacking crit would be smart for either spec next patch? Because in 4.2 healing criticals will be 100% increase instead of 50%, will crit be better? Or will this be just mostly a pvp thing?
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    It is a "no one has done the proper math or tested a strong crit build in practice" thing. Most people's hunches, however, is that it will boost the value, but not enough for it to significantly change the order of desirability for most roles of healing priests.

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    Ah ok, got it. Thanks
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    No matter how much crits heal for, they are unfortunately still rather unreliable as a throughput tool.
    This will surely boost the value of crit, but it will never make it a reliable stat. And for a raid role that is all about reliability that's rather a deal-breaker.
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