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    Haste cap for Shadowpriests?

    I have been looking around for this and i havent really seen people mention the haste cap for shadowpriests, what is it?
    thanks in advance
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    Short answer: there isn't one. Haste is our most important stat aside from Intellect.

    Long answer: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-(by-Newnoise)
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    It's something absurdly high (MB/VT to the GCD?), and unobtainable in this tier, probably not in the next. However, we are already getting to spriests with ~35% haste (end of Wrath levels, what?), so who knows....

    Edit: Now that I actually thought about it, no. Even pushing our casts to the GCD, we'd get infinitely more tics added to our DoTs, so haste has no cap.

    Now, when will haste dip below another secondary stat? That is a question we'll have to wait and see for.
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    Well to be honest, end wrath levels never had spellhaste and other various modifiers calculated on the Character panel.
    Think my hastelevels in full heroic ICC gear were around 49%

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    I may just be remembering wrong, but I'm pretty sure they added those panels at the very end of wrath. I think the levels we were getting to were between 35-45%, depending on your progression.

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