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    Priest Proffessions


    Ive got a priest (disc/holy) , i raid, 525 inscription and herb.

    I want to remove herbalism for a more beneficial profession. I was reading the stuff on wow head about the ICD of the tailoring cloak proc and there were different opinions that suggested there was between a 95 and 175 average int gain from this cloak. Of course as there is a 50 int enchant available to non-tailors this becomes a 45-125 average gain depending on opinions about the ICD.

    heres the link to the thread wowhead.com/spell=75172#comments (cant post links)

    Alternatively i could just go with enchanting for a static 80 intellect.

    Of course these profs also have bonuses like tailoring enabling me to make epics for me and to sell to others at the start of tiers and enchanting making a bit of money from DE and tips.

    What should i do?

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    Tailoring also enables you to put the leg enchant on for the cost of thread as opposed to all the mats needed for the boe version. Not a huge deal but it is nice I wouldn't do it for the money though, that can be hit or miss.

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    As a Blood Elf disc priest, I love the on-use int buff from my engineering glove tinker.

    Being able being able to control when I want to boost my int pool so I can time it with Rapture, Arcane Torrent or shadowfiend is amazing. As much as possible I try to combine it with the proc from Power Torrent to really maximise my mana return.

    It's another thing to keep track of and remember to use, but it's always there when I want it.

    Engineering isn't for everyone though. Especially if you want to make any money.

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    yeh my line of though is, pop sfiend + hym with pt and tailoring proc up, so ive got 1.08k bonus int, get like 10k more mana back easiliy, not to mention the increased throughput

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    think ill go tailor, procs are more fun

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