Not sure if I posted this on the right section but it's basicly as the titly implies a picture game thread!

I can start by explaining how it works, I will post a picture of a place in WoW and the next one that posts job is to find the same place take a pic of it put that link here and then find a new place take a pic post it for the next one too find it!
Hopefully people won't go posting pictures of ogrimmar or stormwind since those places are already quite explored, but if you can't think of a place feel free to take a pic there aswell

-No PTR pictures!
-No glitched places! (Kara tombs for example!)
-It's okey to take a picture of an npc but no rares! And absolutely no players!
-Try to hide your location (minimap) just easily use paint and paint it over and close it down (unless you "ALT-Z" ofc)
-Have fun exploring WoW!

And I gues I'll start then! (incase the other doesn't work)