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    Holy V Discipline

    Hey all, i've decided to re-roll a priest with some friends and am caught up with what spec i'd like to run at 85 for PvE. I probably won't be a hardcore raider, but i'll raid whenever possible with a lot of dungeons/PvP inbetween, which leads me to the question; Which do you all feel is better right now? Is it more of a playstyle thing? I've never really played a priest before so any words of advice would be appreciated ^_^

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    Playstyle thing, tbh. Read some stuff, do some 5mans when you hit 85 in both to see what you like best.

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    Easily a playstyle thing. During raids if needed i'll switch between them but both are competitive
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    Some fights favor holy, others favor disc. Take both specs if you can and just play the one you like better unless one is -way- better for the fight you're on. If you want to have a shadow off-spec or PvP spec, I'd recommend still trying them both and using the one you're more comfortable with. That's what really wins out here.
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    There's some threads on here you should check out to make your decision:

    Holy Beginner's Guide
    State of Holy in 4.1 once you're familiar with Holy mechanics.
    WIP Intro to Disc Guide that's still being compiled, but overall still useful.
    State of Discipline in 4.1 once you're familiar with Disc mechanics.

    You'd have to ask a lot more specific questions than that if you want anything else out of this thread.
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    Yeah i know it was a very, very vague question and i appreciate the responses! I've always liked Disc's play style and cant' say i'm one for sitting and spamming AoE heals/big heals in one spot, but would rather be mixing it up and using all my tools to my advantage, which to my unknowable self would be more Discipline-esc. I'm not so much concerned with being #1 on meters but rather just being efficient and wanted by a raid.

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    Cool! You've got your info, now follow through on it.
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