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    Every One Can Get a Legendary ......

    Sry About My title but i am so happy that getting the legendary staff quest no longer requires you to beat the previous tier Bosses you just go in firelands kill a Molten Lord go back to Org/Sw and get your starting quest.


    here is bluepost link:


    And it Says

    Molten Lords are mobs in the Firelands. Killing one will unlock the quest for you, after which you need to visit Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar or the Wizard's Sanctum in Stormwind to pick up the quest.

    You do not have to have defeated any bosses from the previous tier. That was a requirement we ultimately decided to get rid of.


    I am so happy now i can use my 9999999 Gold sitting on bank to get my legendary staff quest started and eventually get it in the end.

    P.S. This is not a Sarcastic Post or is it ?
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    It's not like the endboss criteria would've been difficult to accomplish since Nef and co. are old news.

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    You still have to be a caster class, and down bosses in firelands.
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    I am curious as to the need of this thread? I mean, honestly, I think we can all understand that this new staff is cool stuff and you don't have to kill previous bosses-but, w/e.
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    Cool. But this isn't a Priest thread.
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