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    Arena targetting macros

    I want to know if it is possible to do the following:
    - Press designated button cast cyclone
    - Shift press designated button target arena opposition player 1

    I do not want a shift variant where it will cast cyclone on the arena enemy if i shift press, I just want to simply target that player.

    Since I cant find option to target arena enemy in the key bindings

    Any help much apprecaited.
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    You can't use modifiers to do things. Therefore, it is impossible to make a macro that assigns a new target by just holding down shift.
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    I have managed to assign targeting party members through shift pressing, whilst also having an ability on that key.

    So basically, because I am unable to bind targetting an arena enemy through wow key bindings, I can only have a target enemy player key, and not a double function on that key?

    Hopefully the above made sense...

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    You can bind /tar arena1 but you can't bind it to just shift. Shift is only a modifier key.

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    make a key with /tar arena1. then bind THAT hot key to shift+whatever.

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    Thanks alot, that makes more sense. Cheers

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    Either I am misunderstanding the request, or you guys are.
    #showtooltip Cyclone
    /cast [nomod:shift]Cyclone
    /stopmacro [nomod:shift]
    /tar arena1
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    Yeah I think that macro would work. Request is worded kind of strangely. Just make sure whatever key Treeston's macro is on, have Shift+ that key be completely unbound or it would use that instead.

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