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    Quote Originally Posted by Conquestaxe View Post
    and 87 percent on rotten tomatoes from the critics 88 from the audience. The numbers don't matter though people should form their own opinions. I think this movie should be viewed as a completely solo work of its own that just happens to involve the xmen universe. (I mean hell in one comic professor x is dead and magneto rules, these differences are nothing compared to that)
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    I loved Wolverine Origins

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    I went to see this midweek. I wasn't expecting it to be anything amazing, but then again I wasn't expecting to find it only marginally better than Last Stand which is one of the worst films I've ever seen (I've not seen the Wolverine movie). My problem with it isn't anything to do with it as an adaptation of the comics, it's just a poor movie by itself.

    The storyline is too packed, they try to cram in a hundred different things in and the result is just a mess. For example, they could easily have spread Magneto's story over 3 movies (if First Class is meant to be the start of a new trilogy) with this film covering his friendship with Professor X. As it stands there's almost no time to show any kind of friendship building between the two characters, and the impression I got at the end of the movie was - why were they ever friends in the first place?

    The dialogue is woeful, especially anything involving Beast and Mystique. The special effects aren't very good, with Emma Frost's diamond effect being the outstanding example of their poorness.

    There's little character development to speak of and when there is it happens over the space of 5 minutes and makes no sense e.g. Mystique joining Magneto without seeming to care for her brother who's just been shot in the back and could potentially die for all she knows.

    Half the characters are pointless and many of them could have been merged with others to save space. Moira MacTaggart is basically a glorified chauffeur and the "romance" between her and Xavier at the end of the film comes completely out of nowhere. There's also pretty much every "that guy" you can think of cropping up at some point in the film, so much so that I think they were trying to make a game of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon within this movie.

    Yeah, I just hated it.

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    I went in with low expectations, and left very satisfied.
    Same as me. I'm not really an x-men fan, at all, but I thought that the film was outstanding and couldn't have been any better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calzaeth View Post
    As a reboot, it was awesome.

    As for following X-men canon:

    The first X-Men team consisted of Beast, Angel, Cyclops and Bobby(Iceman). In the first comic, they also introduce Marvel Girl(Jean Grey). Professor X did NOT have the function of legs when he intially founded the X-men, it was NOT Magneto who took it away from him, and Banshee was one of the first villains they fought. Other than that (hehe) they got most of it right, even the Hellfire Club, even though they messed up the ages a bit.
    That depends on what comic books you ahve read, in the universe of earth-1610 it was magneto who paralyzed xavier, they set up an island refuge to keep mutants safe. Xavier had it as just that a refuge to live in peace, magneto was using it as a base to collect an army. Eventually xavier realised that and led mutants who agreed with him against magneto, a conflict ensued and in a fight on the beach magneto paralyzed xavier by driving a metal spike through his spine.

    In regards to orgins being a horrible movie, i couldn't disagree more, it did exactly what it intended to, it explained the origins of wolverine and gave you an insight into the way the character is how he is supposed to be. Whilst not amazing it certainly was not as tragic as first class.

    First class was full of plot holes and inaccuracies, it jumped from country to country almost every scene and changed languages just as often. Most of the characters were so poorly introduced you barely knew who each of them were. The only redeeming part of the film was the last 30 mins or so when the action scenes actually begin allowing you to forget about the tragic mess that came before it.

    If you are looking for an action film with the xmen franchise, you will enjoy this film. If you are looking for a good comic book movie, this is horrific. - my basic summary

    Azazel = one of the best characters ever btw, shame you barely get to see who he is.

    With regards to the same criticisms posed above me, the film tried to put in too much content so was indeed a mess. I absolutely agree that the character development is tragic, people indeed fail to understand why such a close friendship was forged between xavier and magneto.

    Although for me a redeeming feature was indeed kevin bacon, i felt he played the bad guy role exceptionally well. I can only hope he gets a more in depth villain role soon as i think he shall suit the part perfectly.
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    I absolutely loved both Origins and First Class. They were fun, very entertaining films i came out of feeling quite satisfied. Gambit is my favorite marvel character of all time, and i think he was really cool in the small bit in Origins even if i do wish it was a little bit longer.

    Now, this probably comes with not having read many of the x-men comics and not "knowing" how the back story was supposed to be. But, and i know this may sound a little dick-ish, but did you really expect them to create these films without any major deviations from the creators plot/time line? As far as i have been aware, and im pulling numbers out of air here, i would say damn near all of the Movies which have been made based of prior books/comics/tvshows have always been noticeably different.

    Basically, it's a very enjoyable film if you don't go in expecting it to line up perfectly with existing material, and i would give that advice to anyone seeing a film like this. Just enjoy it! : )

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    I liked the x-men orgins film, however with first class i find that if you know stuff from the comic books and went hoping to see a relatively accurate film in that regards you'll be unfortunatly quite dissappointed. However if you take the film as how it tells the story it's pretty damn awesome and deffinatly worth seeing.

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    X-men orgins was great.
    X-men legends was good, and awesome if you read the comics back in the day.
    I had a good time watching them (for free).
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    best xmen movie sofar imo.

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    Xmen First class was excellent. Great acting, awesome effects and showcase of special powers, and interesting storyline centered around the cold war. I was expecting garbage like origins as well but this blew me away, especially xavier and magneto.

    My one complaint was emma frost.....the chick that played her from mad men was awful she didn't even look like she was trying to act.

    Everything else was really good, lots of funny bits but also alot of action. They found a way for every mutant to show off his powers a little bit.....and azazel's teleporting was pretty sick he's like a more badass version of nightcrawler.

    I thought it was a great movie and only the nerds who care about stuff like "continuity" failed to enjoy it because they don't realize it's a movie meant to entertain and not just supposed to be the comic books in movie form. If that's how you judge a movie then they should have just stopped at the first one because xavier didn't run with his original crew of 5 xmen, angel was never in it, and people liek rogue, storm, and wolverine shouldn't have showed up until atleast the 2nd movie.

    All I can say for those nitpickers is to just watch the cartoons as the movies will never be good enough for you.

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    Haven't seen First Class yet, but would like to.
    I liked Wolverine Orgins.
    And no, I haven't watched the first three movies, or read any comics.
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    ~22.000 people including me disagree with you
    The best Xmen movie so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protoman View Post

    Everything else was really good, lots of funny bits but also alot of action. They found a way for every mutant to show off his powers a little bit.....and azazel's teleporting was pretty sick he's like a more badass version of nightcrawler.

    That's because Azazel is Nightcrawlers dad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chyrch View Post
    they completely butchered my two favourite Marvel characters (Gambit and Deadpool) in their live-action debut.
    Although I don't think the Wolverine origins one was that bad.. I agree with this ^. Deadpool and Gambit are just plain awesome, and the movie made them look pretty terribad in my opinion.

    I haven't seen First Class yet though, and I'm hoping it's alright.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chyrch View Post
    If the WoW movie is ever made, how do you think people would react if they portrayed Bolvar as a dwarf, Thrall plays second fiddle to Garrosh (who's suddenly much more reasonable), and Varian is now an angsty 25 year old with spiky hair.
    Well, I suppose he'd enjoy the age reduction therepy he'd have received.

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    i haven't seen First Class yet. i plan to maybe today. my dad saw it and said it was really good. i, myself, haven't really followed the comics. a few of my old friends did. but if i were to make a good example of a movie going way out in left field, i would take harry potter and the half-blood prince. anyone who read the book and saw the movie for the first time HAD to have been screaming "WTF" in their head. especially at the end. now, if someone who had never read the book saw that, then it wouldn't really bother them much.

    so, i get where the OP is coming from, but at the same time, we gotta remember that its a movie and they usually do what they want with it. HP surprised me though. i cant believe that Rowling let them do that to the ending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keosen View Post
    ~22.000 people including me disagree with you
    The best Xmen movie so far.
    The people that really enjoyed it know little to nothing about the X-Men universe. As a movie, I enjoyed it enough but they butchered so many things it's not funny. Seriously, how the hell is Havok that old?
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    Watched Wolverine yesterday, it was horrible. Hugh Jackman, nuff said.

    I really liked first class, im interested in all the marvel comics but I haven't read so much I can point out whats wrong in the storyline and whats right. The big productions never cater the hardcore fans, but for a big production it was really awesome.

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    Movie was great but you do have to forget some parts from the comics to enjoy it.

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    why are people always so damn offended when a movie doesnt follow the original cannon. High budget movies arent made to cater hardcore fanboys. They are made to cater the much bigger public that never showed interest before. Yeah this may sound unfair but thats how the movie business works. Be the bigger man/woman and do a /care movies if you feel they butcher your favorite franchise.

    I myself loved the movies. They're great <3.

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