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    Great! In Tier11 Hunters only get to be a fake murloc with balls on their shoulders, while druids get all that awesome in 4.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diraunta View Post
    why can't shamans be fire wolves
    Cause Thrall didn't switch over to Ragnaros's side.

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    What's with the puppy, unicorn, etc?

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    I think that's just Chaud having a bit of fun with the names, as they become more and more mythical.

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    Just wondering, what makes Chaud's setups better than other setups, is those spesific hardware pieces better than other, or is it the way the pieces fit and work together?

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    That is so full of win, WTB spider demon form from a spider boss staff

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    I don't think anyone mentioned that you can use a Potion of Illusion to turn into however a player character looks at the time of using it. AKA, you will be able to use a potion of illusion to perpetuate this fire cat appearance, while being outside of combat. All you'd need are 30 potions for you, 30 potions for a friend that's willing to stay nearby and you've got 60 minutes of semi-permanent fire cat.

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    this kitty looks like a boss

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