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    so blizzard still offer no weapon rewards for casuals?

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    Nice effect, very nice. Will make alot of person happy. I'd like something cool too! (shaman). But i won't cry for it.

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    It's clearly a hunter weap..

    JK... or am I?

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    ./slur When I first saw his model I almost came. Now that I can turn into one...Omfg. <3 I heart you that day Blizz.

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    Inb4 massive QQ from other classes because druids get uberawesomeninjajesus flame staff and they don't.

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    WTB Gem slot on tank throwing weapon or allow Warriors to use relics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drekmen View Post
    Inb4 massive QQ from other classes because druids get uberawesomeninjajesus flame staff and they don't.
    well casters get a sweet legendary, so the only people who can QQ are hunters, healers and every melee!!!
    .......( ^v^)")
    .....(,,) \w/)/

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    Guess the next legendary definitely isn't gonna be an agi staff/polearm after this =)

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    My my, you druids are very lucky ;3


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    Quote Originally Posted by buggerlugs View Post
    so blizzard still offer no weapon rewards for casuals?
    Why do they need a weapon "reward"?

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    w00t kitty looks mindblowing! but it's quite annoying that as soon as you hit something you turn into a fire kitty and after 2 seconds not in combat you go out of kitty

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    Quote Originally Posted by roahn the warlock View Post
    That is so full of win, WTB spider demon form from a spider boss staff >.> also wtb green fire

    Well you may be saying that joking but I dont see why that would not work. Weapons that changed your appearance in combat, worked in ICC with DBW and now in firelands with that staff which i want on my druid so fucking badly!!

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    I knew that! So glad I leveled and geared up a feral kitty just recently.

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    Wow...this really bugs me. The name of the healing and agility rings are MIXED UP! Viridian should be healing and Quicksilver should be agility. Whatever Blizz lets just name things however we want now. I look forward to my agility dagger called "Blade of Intellectual Wisdom".

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    How will we be earning rep with Avengers of Hyjal?

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    This is freaking epic! O.o

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    Youtube does not do this staff justice. It looks alright on video, but it looks amazing in game. The flame effects are very well done, I just have one complaint. If you use the two hour on use, to enter fire form out of combat, and then enter combat: You lose the buff. It makes sense because normally the buff triggers upon entering/exiting combat. However it is a bit depressing to use the 2 hour CD, and then say something attacks you, you kill it, and then the buffs gone. Oh well, small issue, for an overall amazing item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by autopsy View Post
    only while in combat means no 'AFK' showing off infront of the AH.. whats the point
    Right clicking the staff gives you the buff. Goes away when you zone or die, and puts the staff on a 2h cooldown (that's not to say you can't turn into a fire cat at any time, because you can regardless of staff CD if in combat)

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    Is this only going to work for druid? If a hunter has this will they transform in combat as well?

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    Wait you also lose the buff if you hearth? And no hunters won't transform as you don't have a cat form. A resto druid could transform however.

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