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    So we finally downed magmaw

    And needed to make this pic, thought i'd post it here, bit late though

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    Any luck with drops?

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    Your dick fell off from all the wiping?

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    lol well congratulations WOOORM IS DOWN! i think not even nefarian likes that worm lol for what he says to us when we kill him.

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    Lol - ummmm, you JUST downed magmaw? - well congrats posting that here is just an open invite to people slamming on you. I always encourage all people I meet - no matter what - when it comes to raiding - I've even donated a ton of time to help other guild's raid leaders on content

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    nice penis

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    Took you an entire tier do down Magmaw?
    I hope you mean Heroic, even if you do... Yikes

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    That belongs in The Louvre.

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    You didn't draw the spike :<

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    He looks a little.. uhm.. a little like a.. 'rooster'.. yeah.

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    Guess I was thinking the same as most people were when you first saw that drawing.

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    I really like your drawing. Very creative grats

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    My OP, you certainly have some skills :3

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    This thread is now about red penises with gold wires protruding from the shaft.

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    OP is my favorite post I have ever seen on this website with the title.

    +5 Cool points

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiglits View Post
    Invincible, because everyone wants a horse you can't see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdris View Post
    This thread is now about red penises with gold wires protruding from the shaft.
    I'v heard of fetishes for self piercing like that. never heard of useing golden nails but then agian I turned and ran holding my crotch when I found out folks actually did that kinda shit to themselves.

    Who is John Galt?

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    Is it SUPPOSED to look like a man's genitels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingtortoise View Post
    Is it SUPPOSED to look like a man's genitels?
    You and your dirty mind! >

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    Does the pic look like a penis to anyone else?
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