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    Twisted Dreams( Silvermoon) new 25 man Guild recruiting All Roles

    Twisted Dreams has recently reformed and are looking for players!

    We're not just a random group of people, but a team. Are you a team player, one who aims at fun raiding with reasonable progression in mind, but while keeping a relaxed atmosphere?

    Then keep reading, we might be the guild for you.

    What Twisted Dreams has to offer you
    There will always be raids going on at the set times. We have sign ups via in game calendar to assure this.

    A community. We're not a glorified pug , but a close team. There's Teamspeak for everything from bg's, to raids, to 5 mans.
    A place for alts. Get as many in the guild as you wish.
    Fair loot We raid using EPGP. Loot goes to those who need and use it the most. No rolls or set orders.
    Free supplies! Flasks, food, repairs for the raids are provided by the guild for free for ALL members, all raiding nights.

    What we expect from you
    Attendance We're a raiding guild with a flexible raiding time scale being 4 nights a week, at least 2 of these should be attended in order to maintain a full member rank.
    Maturity We expect everyone to uphold the guild's good name. Frequent /trade trolls, excessive insulting or being unable to listen to officers isn't welcomed.
    Be reliable We're well organized during a raid, but constant disconnects and afk'ing during a raid will not make you through the trial period.
    Knowledge Raiding means knowing how to use the character(s) you bring to the fullest, and how to use them on each encounter.
    Don't be a stranger! Get to know people a little and you'll find this a much more enjoyable guild than any other. Being on Teamspeak during a raid is required. However, using a mic is optional.

    Starting times indicate the first pull. You should be online 15 minutes up front. Signing for raids goes through the in game calender.

    Raid Times
    Tuesday 20:00-23:00
    Thursday 20:00- 23:00
    Friday 20:00- 23:30
    Saturday 20:00- 23:30
    all raids are in server time

    Concerning cross realm / cross faction applications:

    We take cross realm and cross faction applicants as well. feel free to create a lvl 1 character if you want to talk to an officer in game. You can check out who these are with our armory roster, or simply whisper any member in game and ask for officer.(Groups of friends welcome)

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    Recruitment needs

    HIGH need healers
    Meduim need Range dps
    Meduim need 1 offtank
    Low need Melee


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