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    Your favourite sandwich/bagel/toastie

    So yeah

    Sandwich:buttered wholemeal bread and plain homeade chicken(homemade)
    Bagel:Again buttered with carver ham and some branstons pickle(homemade)
    Toastie:carver ham and cheddar cheese(non buttered)(homemade)

    Do note if it's home made or bought and if bought state where you got it.

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    Anything buttered with bacon and chicken/ham.

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    Toastie: classic reubon from anywhere that makes a good reubon
    Bagel: home made, bacon, ham, egg, american cheese
    Sandwich: Any good french dip

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    "Sandwich" (in quotes cos I use a piece of baguette) - 2 minute steaks, 3 rashers of bacon and plenty of home-made coleslaw!

    If it's shop-bought - Subway's Meatball Marinara on the herby cheese bread with southwest sauce, cheese and salad.

    Bagels aren't big in the UK, and I don't eat sandwiches much anyway.

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    Anything with chicken and bacon, really!!
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    I like the 'Sam Vimes Special' BLT...

    Lots and lots of crunchy bacon, and the lettuce and tomato are not to be found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaspode View Post
    I like the 'Sam Vimes Special' BLT...

    Lots and lots of crunchy bacon, and the lettuce and tomato are not to be found.
    This would be referred to by me as a BWOVC

    or Bacon Without Vegetable Corruption

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    Bacon with some Jack Dagnels!

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    Sandwhich: Anykind of breakfast sandwhich with eggs, cheddercheese, and bacon other options depending on my mood
    bagel: plain toasted with strawberry creamcheese, you just can't beat it
    Toastie: Baconturkey bravo Panini from Panera Bread

    I also love this homemade wrap I make, with Honey ham, sharp american, lettuce, and sliced apple, I "toast" it in a small frying pan with a tiny amount of oil, makes the wrap crispy, and tolds it tight! <3

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    not to everyone's taste, or health, but i like a breakfast feast baguette. three sausage, three or four bacon rashers, double fried egg and enough hash browns to fill the lane. all made with a cook-your-own baguette, topped with a mild serving of tomato sauce.

    i don't have it often, for obvious reasons, but when i do, it's fucking godly.

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    When pizza is on a bagel, you can have pizza any time

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    sandwich: good 'ol philly cheesesteak (made with cheezwiz.. not that real cheese crap.. gimme my cheese in a can damnit!)
    bagel: egg bagel toasted w/ lox & light vegetable cream cheese mmmmm aint nothing better than getting this amazing bagel every sunday morning at my local Jewish bagel shop
    toastie: first time hearing this word, we call em panini's.. my fav would have to be a cuban panini with extra pickles MMMMMMm

    damnit.. now im hungry

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    Sandwich: Two slices of whole grain bread, with avacado, cucumber and roasted hummus
    Bagel: Haven't eaten one in over a year, but I liked the ones with raisins and then with butter spread on top!
    Toastie: wtf?
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    Almost forgot about the...
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    not much of a fan of bagels, BUT, my dog's name is Bagel. Sooooooooooooooooo I guess that means shes my favorite bagel.

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    Sandwich: Toasted onion bagel with cream-cheese and bacon sandwich.
    Bagel: Toasted onion bagel with cream-cheese and bacon sandwich.
    Toastie: Toasted onion bagel with cream-cheese and bacon sandwich.
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    put your bagel on my toastie

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    Sandwich: Cold chilli made the night before (must be hot, ie lots of chilli's in it) on farmhouse hand-cut bread or a baguette, some butter. Combination of chill and chilli is awesome (homemade)
    Bagel: Er.. what are they? Are they the hard donut things? If so, I don't like them at all.
    Toastie: Ham n cheese! Preferably cheddar. (homemade)

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    Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bagel from McDonalds.

    Cheese Toastie!

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    I need a sammich naow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thornar View Post
    Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bagel from McDonalds.

    Cheese Toastie!
    ..... Fail.

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