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    What would you put in a 21st Birthday Survival Kit?

    I am making a survival kit for my female friends 21st birthday (following this thread). So far I have:

    - shot glass
    - identification bracelet
    - condom
    - bottle opener
    - Large Asprin
    - 21st Badge
    - Bottle of Liquor
    - 20c
    - Hair Ties
    - small Water bottle
    - Super glue (to fix broken heels)
    - Vomit Bag
    - Picture of me and her together

    Can anyone think of other things that should go in?

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    Bail money

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    a phone number to a local taxi P:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nastydeath View Post
    Bail money
    I wish I had this on my 21st

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    A map of Bangkok
    A monkey
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    Omg dude vanilla was so awesome because I was awesome and other people weren't awesome and it made me happy to be special because it was so awesome and I was happy.
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    A disposable camera. Let them know not to develop it till their 25th birthday.

    I had a friend do that to me.

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    The biggest bottle of vitamin water- revive you can find. cause in the am that shit fixes everything

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    Something for the inevitable vodka shakes the next day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukah View Post
    - Picture of me and her together
    Have the balls to just ask her out then, skip the subtlety!

    @ vitamin water like the guy above me said. great shit.

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    extra pair of panties, cuz you know some creeper is gonna snatch the ones shes wearing first chance s/he gets
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    Two sober people to cover for you.

    Also to make sure you don't do anyone you'll regret.

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    pregnancy test kit
    you know in case the condom broke
    i my life i have seen people walk into the sea just to find memories plagued by constant misery

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    Extra pair of clothes,no walks of shame!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukah View Post
    - condom
    you got that right...

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    your own feces?

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    Really? this is just stupid. Lets get this forum back on to posting something meaningful.

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