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    [10 H] Sinestra Wrack lasting longer than 1 minute?

    We have noticed that on some pulls (usually when mass dispell is used to split the 4 to 8 or dispell all 8) that time gets added on the wrack timer. We have not been able to find any information on this online so we are totally confused on what is causing this. Most guides online say to either let the 8 stack wear off after 10s or keep dispelling it to keep dmg low. If we let the 8 stack tick, it goes on longer than the duration its supposed to and if we dispell the 8 stack it will add time to the timer. We have made sure nobody else is using immunity effects to self dispel.

    Our dispel times are as follows:

    1 -> 2 : 23s
    2 -> 4 : 15s (38s total)
    4 - > 8: 12s (50s total)
    8 -> ? : 10s (should fall off now)

    Is this intended? Are we just imagining this happening? Has anyone else seen this?

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    From personal experience dispelling it - when its removed it gains a two seconds, perhaps it's to stop cheese and people just spamming dispel.

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    Yes, we had the same "problem" (actually it is none) when using massdispell ... just don't use it
    Another tip with wrack is, let one healer dispell them all, or make 100% clear which healer dispells which wrack, because we sometimes had the problem, that two dispells at the same time are doubling wrack ... two times
    1 => 3 => 6 ... and that wasn't possible to handle

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    Ill have to ask our healers about this, but my guess its just a bug or faulty dispelling.

    Remember that any immume effects count as dispels, so you cant really have your rogues use cos or paladins use bubble etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pommesfrittes View Post
    Yes, we had the same "problem" (actually it is none) when using massdispell ... just don't use it
    I've seen many posts/guides that suggest using mass dispel (even after 4.1 dispel changes).

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    its to prevent cheeseing it. Mass dispell is needed I mean make a healer spend 40k mana and 8 globals for dispell 8 really? Its the same way on 25 man it has like a 1.5-2 second added when you dispell.
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    so with the added time, what times do you dispel it?

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    Mass dispel can add some time, I've seen the debuff gain up to 4 seconds, so we have the priest single dispelling everyone.

    Momir: When it's on 8 ppl you let it run out on 10-man, or you're screwed.

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    When you dispel it, it gains a few seconds, to stop people just spamming dispel.

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    As a healer, I noticed this too. Seems that when you dispell it, it gains a few secs.

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    I think it`s similar to dot "clipping" mechanics. It`s set to tick 30 times (once per 2 sec = 1 minute). For example, if you dispel at 50.1s left, it means the 50s tick didn`t happen, so it will jump to a new target with 52s left (because first tick happens after 2 sec, always).
    Server lag may affect it in a negative way, with "duplicating" some ticks because server didn`t register yet.

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