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    Party pooper -_-
    OC rank threads work out just fine on OCN : /
    OC rank threads on OCN require at least some minimal form of stress testing. Most are 6+ hours of Prime. I'm in a 12+ hour "club" myself. Max clocking a chip to last 15 seconds in Prime is way different than an actual stable OC.

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    In my own defense, I'd ran Prime for 12 hours before having any idea this thread existed. I ran it for the screenshot more to verify operating temps were not outrageous while under a load.
    I was essentially calling out the validity of the thread, rather than any individual person or group of people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cilraaz View Post
    I'm done updating this thread, btw. I was hardly interested in updating speeds. Now we're going to include voltages and coolers. Including voltages is useless without including LLC levels. Including voltages is also useless with 1 minute "stress" tests.
    What is the stress test you want us to post and how long I will do this tonight. I usually stress test with 1344 and 1792 custom blend with 90-95% memory load, or the small/large FFT?
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    so this is my current clock:

    its not my highest obviously, but what i like about it is the lack of thermal load, came home from work today after letting my computer fold smp12 for over 18 hours, cpu temp was 35c

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    Quote Originally Posted by McFrotton View Post
    What is the stress test you want us to post and how long I will do this tonight. I usually stress test with 1344 and 1792 custom blend with 90-95% memory load, or the small/large FFT?
    I'm not going to dictate a stress test. Had I started the thread in the first place, maybe I would, but this wasn't my baby. I'm just not participating any farther until some kind of stability proof is implimented. I had originally stated that I thought keeping the list was dumb in the first place with no verification of stability. I decided to step aside when voltages and heatsinks were added to the list. Speed, voltage, and cooling mean nothing without some proof of stability and (at minimum) the LLC setting used, as well as using load voltage only, rather than some using BIOS setting and others using load voltages.

    If I were to suggest a sufficient stress test, I'd say somewhere between 4 and 8 hours of Prime95 Blend at max memory (small/large FFTs don't stress the IMC as well) for Sandy Bridge and 10-25 IBT passes for AMD or pre-Sandy Bridge Intels.

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    Name: Jaynith
    Processor: Phenom II 955BE
    Clock: 3.84
    Voltage: 1.4
    Cooler: Corsair H80
    Screenshot LINK:
    Valid CPU-Z link:

    Not much more than before, seems this CPU hates me. No matter how much tweaking, cant get stable above 4g =/

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    Name: Pyrotemplar
    Processor: I5 2500k
    Clock: 4.1 GHz
    Voltage: 1.256
    Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
    Screenshot LINK:
    Valid CPU-Z link:

    first time overclocking, happy at 4.1 will try to get higher some other time.

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    Hey pyrotemplar, this thread is not being kept up to date anymore, however I suggest you post in mine.
    Mining ZEC
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    thanks you will do

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