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    [Bio] Roho

    Name: Roho

    Age: 30

    Race: Jungle Troll

    Gender: Male

    Languages: Zandali, Orcish, some Taura'he

    Class: Spirit Champion

    Personality: Calm and collected, generous and nice, but often very quiet.

    Likes: Pleasing and revering the Ancestors. History, campfire stories, calm spots in the nature, honesty

    Dislikes: Disrupting spirits, not honoring the dead, necromancy, being near graveyards

    Appearance: Roho has a stature somewhere in between a forest and a Jungle troll. He is bigger and broader than the usual jungle troll, but still has blue fur and a long red braid of hair. He stands upright and is never hunched, which makes his size even more impressive. He wears no armor, he just tapes his feet wears a wide pair of short leather pants and some ceremonial adornments on some leather straps across his chest and arms. He fights with an old greatsword with a crude blade that looks very stressed but extremely well taken care of.

    Strengths: Incredible warrior, has combat insights and the technique of generations of warriors at his disposal.

    Weaknesses: Is vulnerable to evil magics to a certain degree, Has problems being confronted with involuntarily risen, like the scourge, is in a sense haunted. Due to his contact to the spirit world he feels empathic to the dying,even the enemy; that is why he never attacks. He only defends himself or his allies. being outnumbered or any actual threat however counts as "being attacked"


    The first thing Roho remembered in his life, was the funeral of his great grandfather Babu. Which is strange, since he was just a baby, in the arms of his mother. Some years later when Roho saw another burial and was able to speak he told his family about that memory. "T'is what they did with Babu, right mother?" All where startled. The boy was there but should not have any memory of it.

    This was the first of the many times Roho was inspected by the witch doctors, to find out wether or not he was possessed by some kind of evil spirit. But they never found something wrong with him. As he grew up he was trained in the ways of a warrior by his father. All had great hopes in him, and those who interpreted his strange memory as positive foretold him a great future, since his great Grandfather was a great fighter and a champion to his tribe. Roho trained with his father and learned the art of war, but he never became a grand champion.

    After the second funeral he attended, he started to hear voices as soon as he came close to a graveyard. The fractured sentences they whispered burned into Roho's mind and left him restless for many nights. The superstitious trolls always kept thinking of him as someone very odd throughout his teenage years. He had insights in things he could not know, which he stopped sharing after some time since he still was regarded as possessed by many. In time his restlessness became worse and he did not know why. He often was drawn towards the grave of his great grandfather. The whispers of all the dead trolls became louder and louder as if they wanted to warn him of something terrible. But Roho could not talk to anybody about it. Doomsaying would not help his clansmen see him as someone normal. But one day his visions overwhelmed him. In his sleep he ventured to Babu's grave and dig up his ancestor's greatsword. Something told him he would need it and the spirits fell silent as he received and hid it.

    But eventually the weapon was found. Roho was accused of grave robbery and exiled. Roho spent a night in the jungle and grew more and more restless and startled with every passing hour. Now that he was separated from the weapon again the screams of the spirits even followed him away from their graves. The spirits insisted on him returning and claiming the weapon as his. And in his dreams a troll appeared over and over telling him he had to save his family. The morning after, Roho heard the sounds of battle from his village. He returned just in time to see his father fall to a Horde of Murlocs, his great Grandfather's blade in hand, they were ambushed so this was the only weapon available for the youg troll's father. Roho let out a furious roar and held the murlocs at a distance with his bare hands until he reached the blade. As he closed his grip around the handle he felt safe. He knew none of this beasts could harm him. He moved swifter and more gracefully than ever before, some of the older trolls that were still fighting looked at him and were only able to utter a single word: Babu

    When the battle was over, Roho grieved over the death of his father, as an old Warrior approached him. He asked Roho who told him to fight like this, and Roho had no answer. Was he fighting different? He himself thought it was just confidence in his abilities. But the warrior told him that no one fought that valiantly and graceful since Babu's death. He told the champion's grand son that it was as if the great Warrior was reborn in his great grandson. Roho somehow knew that these words were true in a certain way, but he had to ask one thing of the warrior: "What did Babu look like?"
    Roho could only remember the mummified body of his grandfather that was put to rest. But as the warrior described his old brother in arms, Roho saw that he resembled the troll that appeared in his dreams. This could be no coincidence. But even with his Ancestors' spirits guiding him, his tribe, the darkspear, suffered a terrible defeat and were only saved by Thrall's Horde. In his following dreams, Babu was accompanied by the Spirit of Roho's father. They both advised him to follow Vol'jin and the Warchief of the orcs, Thrall.

    When the Witchdoctor Zalazane betrayed the Darkspear, Roho fled with Vol'jin and lived in Orgrimmar. There he made the acquaintance with the Tauren. As the Orcs that were with Thrall told them of the strange troll some of the Tauren approached him and asked if he wanted to explore the strange situation he was in. They led the troll to one of the Tauren spirit walkers and he enlightened Roho. This is when he was told that he was a Spirit Champion. The Tauren told him on how to improve his meditation techniques he learned how to communicate with the spirit world properly and how to cross over to it. Meanwhile his abilities as a warrior were trained by Warsong blademasters. When the Darkspear reclaimed the Echo Isles, Roho was one of the frontline warriors. When Zalazane died, Roho heard the souls of hundreds of his clansmen freed and he celebrated with his clan. His sleep got more peaceful and his vision and nightmare dreams less. Even when it saddened him to not dream of Babu anymore, he knew that it was right. When the cataclysm struck, the omnipresent death and suffering forced the Sprit Champion to leave the big settlement of Orgrimmar to find sleep again. He settled in the secluded parts of Mulgore and aided the Tauren in reclaiming their Home from the Grimtotem. Now he sometimes visits Orgrimmar and Darkspear hold, to see if he can be of any aid to the world of the living.

    ((Another troll bio, I may change some details further down the road))
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    It's already been said but;
    I like this character a lot and the class sounds awesome, but let's never get Roho and Shetani in the same room D:

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