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    In the sands.. [Signup!]

    A letter, same size and same frame as any other letter had arrived in the mailbox. On the front, a long emerald green line had been written in the strangest of inks upon the old paper. Unfolding the letter would reveal a message, a message for an adventurer, treasure hunter or explorer.

    Greetings < name >, I am Khemes of the Tol'vir. Do not ask how I've come to know you, just listen as I call upon your aid. In the vast desert of Uldum, great riches, treasures and knowledge beknownst only to the titans remain buried deep under the sand. Treasures may yet be uncovered, libraries may yet be discovered. Lately, sand has been dragged into the ground, falling into what appears to be a chamber. Meet me at the ruins of Ammon. From Ammon we will travel north, into the desert. For every treasure or artifact uncovered, I can promise its value paid to you in gold.


    This will be an Adventurous SRP situated in Uldum. The expedition's goal will be to investigate a dig site deep within the desert, where the guide expects an uncovered tomb to be present deep below the sands of Uldum. A tomb as old as the Tol'vir themselves.
    The thread takes place current time!

    The storyline will involve:
    Moral Dilemmas: Your characters will be forced into problematic choices, that WILL impact how the group is going to progress. Taking bad choices will have consequences, and getting through the RP unharmed will depend on your characters morals.

    Devious Riddles and Puzzles: This RP is going to be based upon logic and using your head. Pay attention to the great detail that will be put into the story posts. In there somewhere, keys or hints to unlocking the next parts of the puzzle will be hiding. Your character's strength will not help you here, and teleportation/summoning is obviously not happening. The only thing(s) you're going to be able to fight is the other adventurers.

    Plot Twists: Oh yes, we're going to have plot twists, and I promise you won't see them coming.

    Loss of Control: At certain times during this RP, your charachter will be slightly god-modded by the storyteller. This is to get along with the plot and nothing else. IF or when something like this should happen to your charachter in particular, you will recieve a PM with a minor explanation.

    A fixed post setting: At the beginning of the thread itself, I will be posting a fixed order for which the participants will post. This means, you'll post in that order, and wait till its your turn again. This means I, as a storyteller, have room to post where and when the riddles are solved. It also gives room to the ones who didn't solve the riddle, to have first shot at the next one!

    Note: This thread has room for a maximum of eight (8) participants and will work upon a first come first serve basis. So if you're interested, make sure to sign up quickly! Signing up means that you'll be here to finish the RP. Going AFK means giving someone else the power to control your charachter through the rest of the RP. In case you go afk and assign noone, I'll be controlling your charachter loosely through the rest.
    Additionally, three spots are currently reserved for me, Khorianas and Dubbelbasse.

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    I will be joining with Khemes The Spear of Orsis of course.

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    Ayuk desire knowledge, He shall join these adventures in this task.
    Bio: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/918883-BIO-Ayuk

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    Libraries you say? Kevin Brenshaw will be there.

    Bio is almost done. I'll have it posted later today.

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    Zook the Tinkerer. "Libraries? Possibly full of schematics? Count me in!"
    To be the hero is all I'll ask.
    RP Character Bio: Zook || Albert "Al" Fletcher Jr.

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    I'd have loved to have put my hand up, but seems you have more than you need already
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    Sora Dawnblade Bio. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...94#post8142294

    Shaza'Kiel Bio. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...69#post8342969

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    Actually, I believe you'd be the last person getting in.

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    I still need a last confirmed joiner.
    - I am ready to start the RP, so once we have the last one, we'll take a days break and then get it rolling!

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    In that case I do put my hand up, with a character who's bio I'm just typing the finishing touches on now, will be up within the next two hours called Lunai Moongaze.
    Death is the only true release, the only real freedom.

    Sora Dawnblade Bio. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...94#post8142294

    Shaza'Kiel Bio. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...69#post8342969

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    I'll be back to my active self tomorrow, so I can join in. That is unless you're taking Sora, so then I'll pass. If you do want me though, count me in on Shadah.
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    Signups for this is closed, no entry beyond this point. Please close the thread. Info will be up in the opened thread, which will be linked in this post.

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